Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Kingdom for a Horse

Ooooh, I'm excited about the equestrian tonight - I love watching the eventing and so far have only seen some snippets of dressage and missed the cross country yesterday (pesky work!), so was very excited to see that the show jumping is scheduled for later tonight (there are pretty good detailed day-by-day schedules on the abc website, and also the official olympic site.)

I was part of the medal ceremony for the team eventing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Tonight, as I'm glued to the screen waiting for glimpses of the ponies from Hong Kong I'll be wrestling one of my most famous WIPs - the Demon Mittens.

Bells is right - red is really impossible to photograph! - does anyone know why?

I think these are a particularly appropriate project tonight, since they are for my mum, and it is from my mum that I inherited my love of all things equine.
One word, mum: Greenwich Park London 2012!


ps Thanks for all your kind comments on my cupcake choc tutorial =) It's such a simple trick, but, like I said, so impressive. Just don't tell, ok? ;o)


  1. Oh you're in for a fun night!! Go Demon Mittens!

  2. you look great in your horsey outfit over there! and i was so inspired by your matroyshkas i am getting one of my own. sorry to be a pathetic copy cat...

  3. Good luck with the demon squirrels. Are squirrels good at wrestling?

  4. I like watching the equestrian events too. Good luck on your mittens & I love the colors combination.

  5. The mittens are looking awesome, and so toasty and warm.

    I can sympathise with you about the photographing red issue. I've recently knit up a couple of things in different shades of red, and they look really off in photos. I've tried all sorts of different stuff, but can't get it to resemble how it looks in real life. Sorry I can't shed any light on the issue!

  6. I happen to have a tame physicist to hand - Hubby says that red is hard to photograph for several reasons :

    Many digital cameras are sensitive to infrared, which we can't see, but will be picked up by the camera and make reds stronger. A lot of natural red pigments have infrared components.

    You can test your camera by pointing an infrared TV controller at it, and seeing if you can see the LED light through the viewfinder.

    To cut back on this effect, try using an infrared filter on your camera (if it does pick up infrared).

    Also, a lot of digital photography and camera software makes colours more saturated (stronger) automatically - but most reds are already quite saturated, so the software makes them TOO saturated.

    Love the mittens, even if the colours aren't quite right on the screen :)


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