Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunny Sunday =)

More mostly gorgeous weather for our long weekend =)

Friday was divine - 27C - and, according to my boss, far to nice to be at work - at about 12:30 I was issued strict instructions to go and enjoy the lovely weather with the Boy =)

On the way home I picked up some fish & chips and a couple of witbiers and we lunched out in the sunshiney garden room.

The garden room is my favourite part of the house at the moment - it is so nice in there in the mornings perfect for a weekend breakfast =)
It cools down quickly in the evening - but I figure that's a good sign for when the days heat up.

I can see us enjoying some lovely long summer afternoons and evenings there.

It is also the perfect place to sit and do a little Sunday Stitching - this is a shot (taken a couple of weeks ago) of my latest cross-stitchy project (I haven't finished the other one I was working on, but this is taking precedence on account of being a gift =)).

Actually, this little project is what's been keeping me away from my computer (and knitting) in the evenings - I guess I'm a little over half way, and it's a really fun project =)

I have a bunch of gardeny shots to show you too, every thing has grown like CRAZY over the past week or so, with all the warm weather and patches of rain =)
Just check out all that purple wisteria dripping from the pergola!


  1. oh the wisteria looks amazing! You're loving discovering spring in your new garden, aren't you?

    I want to come sit in your garden room with beer and fish and chips some time!! When you invite me, obviously.

  2. Hey, at least Bells has been invited before!

    I'm still waiting ... taps foot.


  3. I love the wisteria & wish I have a pegola for my grape vines. Then I can have grapes hanging down.

  4. I love wisteria - I am very jealous of yours!


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