Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Stitching

This weekend I started a new project. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but this project is a little bit different from anything I've worked on the past few years.

While we were overseas last year Mum and I did quite a bit of crafty shopping & browsing, and came across some gorgeous cross stitch kits.

Mum picked up two samplers - one Danish red and white, and one Dutch blue and white (something like this and this)

Mine is a very European scene (well, I think so) and rather than say anymore about it I thought it might be fun to show my progress as I go so you can see the scene take shape a bit at a time.

Here's my progress at the end of tonight:

It's kinda hard to see, and even harder to photograph, but hopefully as I fill in more colours and the scene starts to take shape you'll start to see something there.

Like I said I haven't done any of this kind of stitching for years. My sisters and I all stitched from a pretty young age - the excitement of being allowed to pick out new longstitch kits at Spotlight as kids, and all of us pouring over Mum's Fox Collection catalogues when they arrived in the mail. I can remember making a longstitch for my Nana as a present one year, and doing little Peter Rabbit cross stitches initials for my cousins when they were babies.

So, I'm really enjoying working on this - though it has been slow going. It took me a little while to get started and I had one false start - this kit is stitched on linen so each cross is stitched across a 2x2 square. It took me a little while to figure that out, although it was obvious my stitches were coming out way too small.

In knitty news, my first premmie cardie has been finished, buttons added and gifted - pics and a report next week =)

Happy weekending! =)



  1. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Oh I'm a cross stitcher of old, too! I have some which I started an EMBARRASSINGLY long time ago and are still unfinished... really must DO something about that ;)

    Looking forward to seeing how yours develops! Very special to have such lovely memories associated with it, too, your wonderful trip and all...


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