Friday, September 11, 2009

(in the) bags

Here's a little something I made as a birthday pressie for a friend, inspired after the great results everyone got with the freezer paper stencils at Brown Owls last month =)

There's one for fruit, and one for veg =)

I sewed the calico bags myself, and I think I'm pretty happy with how they came out.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Is anyone still out there??
I'm back from my brief blogging hiatus - which was inspired by a little incident between my camera cord and a certain kitty (more specifically, her teeth!)
And we all know blogging isn't as much fun when you're photo-less!!

Anyway, I'm back just in time to share my creative space for the week =)

I have a friend at work who is due to start maternity leave tomorrow (she's the third from 10 women in our team in the past year!), but of course sometimes babies have their own plans, and this little guy arrived yesterday - luckily labour started while she was at home, not at her desk!

A new arrival is always the perfect excuse for some cute knitting and sewing, and this time I'm making a little baby blanket.

So in my creative space this week I've had out a few cute flannelettes I picked up on the weekend, as well as some flannelette scraps (I just love those scrap bags at quilting shops!). I think I'll have half my squares plain, and the other half perhaps 4 square or 9 square blocks made up from the scraps =)

I'm hoping that way I can get in enough bright colours so that it isn't too baby-boy blue, since I know the new parents have had LOTS of blue pressies coming into the house since finding out they were expecting a boy! =)

Hopefully I'll get it all sewn up over the weekend and can share next week =)

As always, more creative spaces over at Kirsty's!