Friday, November 30, 2007

A Knight under the stars

The Boy and I have been to see Elton John tonight, and I think it will take us about 4 days to dry off from all that rain!!!!
(Somehow, even with all the monitoring of forecasts and such, I really never thought it was going to rain like that)

Despite the rain, Sir Elton put on over two hours worth of amazing show.

I stil can't believe that one little guy, on stage alone with only a piano could make such incredible music!

Lots of old favourites got an airing - the concert started with Your Song, evoked crowd participation for the Crocodile Rock and came full circle (so to speak) ending with The Circle of Life.

I know Elton has something of a reputation as being a bit of a 'diva', but tonight he came across as a gracious gentleman - introducing each song with the album of origin an a bit about what it meant, and sincerely thanking the audience for sitting out the very unfriendly weather.

It was all kind of surreal actually, all huddled together, poncho clad in the rain with Elton John singing 'Your Song' right there in front of us.

And I don't care what people say, that voice is still amazing!

My favourite part??
I've always loved 'That's why they call it the blues' - it was excellent live, along with 'Your Song', 'Circle of life' and 'Daniel', (eeek its all my favourite!) but I think the absolute best was 'Don't let the sun go down on me'. Amazing!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

In with the new...

So, the 'playing-up' issues I was having with my camera last week ended with a new camera.
Turned out the motor in charge of the lens was stuffed, and it wouldn't be worth fixing.
And, you know, when something is completely stuffed sometimes its best to go out with the old and in with the new, whether you're talking about a camera or, well, a government...

Today being stir up Sunday
I started on the first of the Christmas preparations - the pudding =)

(OK, while I was at it I couldn't resist some cute cookies too...)
More Christmassy goodness on the way to advent this week - including a wee crafternoon on Tuesday =)

Can't wait =)

Anyone else got crafty Christmas excitment on the boil and wants to share??

besos =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a whole year

I can simply not believe its been a whole year since, well, this time last year!!

A year ago I missed out on an interview for my job
Yesterday I was advised I got it.

A year ago (today, actually) I 'did' my ankle.
Today I'm a week into starting back at the gym.

A year ago I sat with a hook and a happy hooker, and made my first crochet stitches and granny square.

Today I pulled it out of its hibernation to resume working on it.

I started with the cream, light and medium blue and light and medium purple, and the aim to do one of each combination of blue cream and purple.
That would have been 24 squares (or so?).
Now I've introduced dark as well, so it will be lots more.
I think I'm up to about 38 now, I'm doing them in set of six (with each combination of colours)
I'm not super sure about the purple, maybe its far too dark....
Maybe adding a darker dark blue and a lighter dark purple as well for balance...

Mmm, 'n' that's it...

besos =)

and no, Paris has absolutely nothing to do with this post, except that my camera isn't cooperating, and every so often its nice to remind myself I was there. And there's a pony!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

first sock happy dance

At SnB today I cast-off my very first sock!!!

(have we had that talk about how hard it is to photograph socks?)
I guess the above is the best over-all shot - the below shows the colour much better, and you can see the pattern a little better, maybe??

Giving stats now feels kinda like cheating..
But I'll tell you this is Knitty's Diamante (toe-up), knit on 2.5mm dpns, from Sullivans sock yarn (from Lincraft)

You may have guessed those large feet aren't mine
The pattern does say they're a ladies large, but still they turned out larger than I expected.

Also, when I washed the sock for blogger it bled like crazy!

I am really tempted to have a break before knitting the partner sock to this one, to make something for myself...
(and so second sock syndrome starts!! teehee)

besos =)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Several thousand words

We're having a loverly, laid-back weekend here chez Kuka et Boy, complete with coffee and brownies (recipe here if you're interested) on the balcony, after a reasonably busy week.

My big excitement for the week has been starting back at the gym (ok, there may appear to be some irony associated with that statement coming right after the moist chocolately goodness above. Whatever =p ).
For a number of months I went regularly, and really enjoyed it, before injuring my ankle about this time last year.
For a long time after it was 'better' I was really nervous about doing too much and hurting it again, and I guess by the time I got over that we were in the middle of cold dark winter.
I decided that I would start again as soon as daylight saving time started, but delayed by two weeks on account of the gym being closed for refurbishment.

Imagine my delight when I arrived on Monday afternoon to see that refurbishment included all new machines.
Machines each with their own personal tvs.
TVs which have the W channel.
The W channel that shows OPRAH EVERY AFTERNOON AT 5:25!!!!!
So, guess where you can find me at 5:25 every afternoon hehe
(and yes I spent the rest of the week counting down the minutes to when I would next get to 'work-out with Oprah' hehe)

Tuesday was the annual VIP night at David Jones, AKA the night of feeding my desire to have pretty shiny things of the Georg Jensen variety.

That's my new GJ salt cellar there - pretty =)
I also bought some candle holders that I had seen in Denmark, but not bought on account of them being heavy-ish for luggage.
I imagine they'll pop up here before too long too. =)

My garden is coming along nicely - I was nervous about how it would handle a few days in a row of warm-ish weather, but so far it seems ok.
As well as a couple of strawberries a week, and the cherry tomatoes pictured, my dwarf bean and snow pea plants are growing like crazy, and the geraniums are flowering all over the place.
(Actually, re geraniums, I'm going to put a shout out to all my fellow SnBers, if anyone planning to go to SnB tomorrow has a red or white geranium and could spare a cutting or two I'd be really grateful - mine have all come from two plants both of which are pink and I'd love a red and a white plant =))

Tonight we had great evening out for dinner (and some chilli hot choccy goodness at Koko Black) with a friend of the Boy.
When we walked through Garema Place "The Birds" was showing (eeek creepy) on the big screen, and we saw signs saying that next Saturday they are showing "Night At The Museum."
I'm not sure if its just a November thing (this was the first we knew of it, and I'm not sure there has been much advertising), but if anyone is interested there is a little more info here.
Tonight was certainly perfect weather for it!!!

In socky news, I am almost finished (the pic is a couple of days old now) my first.
I'm sure I would be finished days ago if it weren't for the fact that I stop approximately every 17 stitches to marvel at the fact I made my knitting go around a corner!!! teehee

Wishing everyone an equally relaxing weekend, and hope to see some of my local SnB friends tomorrow!!!!

besos =)

Monday, November 12, 2007

knead bread?

Inspired (once again!!!) by Bells' and Rose Red's delish bloggy tribute to Nigella, Mouthfuls of Heaven, I decided that this was the weekend I would try my hand as some home-baked bread.

On advice from Bells (and having seen RR's success with the same recipe) I tried out the white loaf from How to be a Domestic Goddess.

Ok, to be completely honest, that's stunt dough.
See, Nigella had this fabulous idea about making the dough in the evening , leaving it in the fridge overnight, then simply popping it in the oven for quick fresh tasty breakfast bread the next morning.
What she doesn't mention is that it takes a really long time for the dough to come to room temperature before you bake it.
Seriously, I waited like 2 hours before I put the loaf in, and it was still a complete bust (ok, not complete. it was passable as bread. and, you know, boys will eat anything!!)
Still, it wasn't the bready treat I was hoping for.

However, I was determined not to be beaten a simple white loaf of bread (you know, if the people on big brother can make it from scratch!....) so I gave it another shot on Sunday - this time without the chill factor.

Rather than the loaf, I decided to try the garlic and parsley hearthbread (also from Domestic Goddess), to accompany the chicken salad we were planning for dinner.

Ok, yes, it looked kinda scary going into the over.
But, taadaa

I think in the end it came out alright =D

There are definately a few more bready recipes in Domestic Goddess that I'd like to try out - the bagels, the nigellan flatbread and the maple pecan bread for a start! - to get more of a feel for the process.
Then I'm seeing corn bread, and nice fluffy pumpkin loaves sprinkled with pepitas!

Oooh, there will be no Atkinsing here, no way - that's for sure!!!

besos =)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now for the S.E.X part...

Yes, the Stash Enhancement eXpedition - that's yarn shopping, silly!

On Friday my fellow JT lover and concert companion, Maria, had to work.

I'm not usually one to say no to a bit of a lie-in (especially on a 'school day!'), but since she works not far from Darling Harbour I skipped the sleep-in and we headed into the city together.

Actually, to be honest, I really like a chance to experience someone else's everyday life, to get an insight into other people's little rituals - where they go for coffee, what they listen to in the car on the way to work.
I don't know, I find it kinda interesting.
Its like quirky introduction of the characters at the start of Amelie.

After a bacon and eggy breakfast at Darling harbour I headed off for some shopping/browsing.

Unfortunately, despite the pleasant weather earlier in the week, Sydney was not interested in co-operating with my lovely morning of strolling around the city plans.

Outside it was humid and drizzley (exhibit A, Darling Harbour above) inside damp and steamy (exhibit B, QVB, left).

However, despite the 'unfriendly' conditions, I did enjoy my morning of vague wandering around the city (well, the drier parts hehe)

Any knitter who has spent time in Sydney, may know where you end up if you head straight up Market St from Darling Harbour, then take a left at the QVB?

That's right - Tapestry Craft!!!!

The girls at Tapestry Craft were lovely - they let me pet a new sock yarn they've got coming I'm (very pretty - there was lots of oohing and aaahing) and helped me pick out some socky stash - the Argyle Heirloom there in the pic.
It feels lovely and soft, and the colour has come out pretty well in the pic (on the right, more so than below) =).

Most exciting was, on seeing my interest in the sock yarns, the girls were plugging the Souther Summer of Socks knit-along!!! and were impressed that I'm in the same SnB as the lovely Bells!!!
Aaaah it was very exciting!!!!

Oooh, I also picked up a handy dandy little knitting dictionary - Knit Speak - at Borders =)

Speaking of socks and SSoS my first sock is coming along great (I think) - you could say I've just turned a corner (well, a heel! =P) - more photographic evidence on the way soon =D

And, you know I mentioned the SSoS girls were running a newbie comp?, well - every child wins a prize (oh yes, even me!)!!!!

Thanks again guys!!!!

besos =)

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I really don't know what to say about JT.
Except that he was *amazing*.

The set up was perfect for a stadium gig (but hard to photograph) - with one big round stage in the centre of the arena.
That's JT there in the bottom left.

Curving to the left and the right from where he's standing are bars!!
As in, buy a chardie, have JT dance on the bar Coyote-style (well, not exactly) kinda bars! Too cool!!

Back towards the centre of the stage the keyboard guys are set up, with the drummers in the same place on the other side, they were on little platforms that rolled out towards the audience at place during the performance.
In the middle of the stage was a circular platform which would sink down into the stage and come back with the piano on, and then slowly rotate while JT played piano for some songs.

Like I said, the show was amazing.
It was so high-energy the whole way through.
I know lots of people have JT written off as 'just a pop singer'.
Mentioning that I had tickets or had been to the concert, I got that same kind of feeling from people as if I mention that I knit (I'm sure I would get that same reaction if I told them that the Yarn Harlot had invited me over for SnB - "hey, that's greeeaaat B" - now where's the nearest exit?!), you know, except I guess 'pop' puts me in the pre-teen group rather than with the knitting grannies.
I think its a pity that so many people seem to have that attitiude here in Australia, and, from my experience, it really is worse here than overseas.

For me, this concert really showcased JT as the musician he is.
Though-out the show, as well as singing, he played electric piano, guitar, synth and keytar(!!), beat-boxed and showed off his smooth dance moves.

There is quite a lot of diversity in the sounds on his album, and he really seems to love trying different things and gets a kick out of collaborating with other musicians - like Timbaland, Clipse, the Neptunes and, yes, even Duran Duran!

Really, he just came across as being passionate about music and performing.
And, true to interviews I've seen with him on TV, he came across as being a genuine nice guy.
I don't know - maybe I'm gushing ;)

Here's what The Age had to say about the Melbourne concert

And he'll be on Rove on Sunday see what you think. =)

In short, the second he's here again I'm there.
Bar-side tickets for sure!!!

besos =)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Tag - I'm it!!!

1.) Name one person that made you laugh last night?

The Boy. He makes me laugh all the time

2.) What were you doing at 0800?

Waiting for the bus

3.) What happened to you in 2006?

Um, I started in my current job, moved in with my boy and got a sewing machine.

4.) How many beverages did you have today?

5 cups of coffee (yes, really), 2 bottles of water, 1 beer.

5.) What colour is your hairbrush?

Black. And blue. (or purple?)

6.) Where were you last night?

Right here on the couch watching "So you think you can *dance*" and eating lemon grass thai takeaway =D

7.) What colour is your front door?


8.) Where do you keep your change?

Oooh, everywhere!!! The bottom of my handbag, pockets of my pants and any available surface at home mostly!

9.) What's the weather like today?

Odd. It started chillyish and gloomy, got windy, then bright and sunny when I left work before bucketing rain on the way home! eeek

10.) What's the best ice cream flavour?

Ooooh, I thought the ones with cookies in them were good, then I discovered a with cookie dough flavour - delish!!!!!

11.) What excites you?

Just about everything! If I had a recorded message that played when you pressed a button it would say "oooh I'm sooooo excited!"

12.) Do you want to cut your hair?

Not especially

13.) Are you over the age of 25?


14.) Do you talk a lot?

Ha! Um, YES! (or so I've been told)

15.) Do you watch the OC?

OC? No. Veronica Mars? Buffy? Grey's Anatomy? The occasional episode of the Gilmore Girls? Oh yes =p

16.) Do you make up your own words?


17.) Are you a jealous person?

Well, only when it comes to food you know, like when you're out for breakfast and you get the pancakes and someone else gets french toast and there you're jealous because you wish you had their french toast? That happens to me all the time when I'm eating with other people!

18.) Name a friend that starts with an 'A'.

Andrew. We met when we were about 17 and both went on exchange at the same time. I hadn't spoken with him for ages, but we've recently been back in touch thanks to facebook! yay for facebook!

19.) Name a friend that starts with a 'K'.

Kit of Beauzo and Kit. Its nearly a whole year since those boys moved to Melbourne - miss you guys!

20.) Who's the first person on your received call list?

The boy =)

21.) What does the last text message received say?

Its from J-Mo, saying she would be late to work today on account of having to pick up Veronica Mars season three from the post office!! (eeek refer to question 17!!)

22.) Do you chew on a straw?

Mmm sometimes

23.) Where's the next place you are going?

I guess we'll go somewhere exciting for breakfast one morning this weekend.
Outside of Canberra, we have a Sydney trip coming up to see a play that the Boy's brother is in.

24.) Who's the rudest person in your life?

Actually, we went to Wagamama for dinner tonight and the waiter was really rude! It was very disappointing since we usually really enjoy going there. But the guy was rude, the rice was wrong, and don't even get me started on the water... (oooh they offer you water then bring bottled stuff and charge!!

25.) What was the last thing you ate?

Mmm chocolate (hey, I needed it after the Wagamama debacle!)

26.) Will you get married in the future?

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera =p

27.) What's the best film you've seen in the last two weeks?

Oooh, the last two weeks?
Well, we saw a couple of Danish films at the Canberra International Film Festival, Black Madonna was really good. We've been on a film kick lately (since we realised how many unopened dvds we have!!!), and not too long ago we watched Walk the Line - it was a really lovely movie too! =D

28.) When was the last time you did the dishes?

I cook. The boy does the dishy stuff =D (except for the electric wok. He seems to be terrified of the electric wok)

29.) Are you currently depressed?

Hey, its Friday night! i've got the whole weekend ahead of me and a pony dress to wear, should I so fancy! How could I be anything but excited! (refer question 11!! =p)

30.) Did you cry today?

Nope. But its only 10pm. (hehe)

31.) What was the last thing you said aloud?

"Hey, it's Ainsley!"
The Boy and I are watching the first season of Hale and Pace, and Ainsley Harriot (of celebrity chef errr.. celebrity...) appears in some of the sketches!

32.) What car do you drive and what bumper stickers do you have on it?

No car, but I do have a bumper sticker that says "Still not happy John!"

Of course, if I did have a car, the first sticker on there would be "Play to Win"

33.) Why did you answer this and post it?

For fun, I enjoyed reading Trine's answers, and to share a little bit more about me =)

I guess I'm supposed to tag people now, but hey, if you're (still!) reading this, and you're interested in sharing your own answers, consider yourself tagged =)

And now for something I posted earlier...

That's right, Trine, the package is finally on its way =D
(ok, not a great pic, but that just adds to the suspense, yeah? Besides, you try to take a photo in the post office without looking suspicious! =p)

besos xo

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The dark side??

Yes, that is what you think it is (well, if you're thinking its a sock, that is)

A first sock, to be exact!

I cast on on the way back from Sydney on Saturday, after words of advice (and encouragement, not to mention the inspiration!!!) from some fellow SSSers

Sign-up for SSS is closed now, but if you have signed up already there's a competition for sock newbies that closes tonight - so if your socks are green get over there =D

Go anyway - there's some rockin' socks going down! ;)

besos =)

hey, i thought there'd be cookies

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ooooooh, a PONY???

I have to admit, I love the spring racing carnival!!!

The boy and I celebrated Canberra's much discussed (and enormously enjoyed!) Family and Community day holiday with a very civilised Melbourne Cup lunch chez J-Mo & B-Ro.

Now, we all know I love an excuse to get my cupcake on (you can click to make them bigger - much bigger, you've been warned! - or check them out on flickr for a better look =)), Cup day warranted a new outfit too - my very first sewing FO!!!

I call it "A PONY???!!!"

hope you picked a winner!!!!

besos xo =)

btw JT was *AWESOME*! more about that and Sydney soon =D!