Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now for the S.E.X part...

Yes, the Stash Enhancement eXpedition - that's yarn shopping, silly!

On Friday my fellow JT lover and concert companion, Maria, had to work.

I'm not usually one to say no to a bit of a lie-in (especially on a 'school day!'), but since she works not far from Darling Harbour I skipped the sleep-in and we headed into the city together.

Actually, to be honest, I really like a chance to experience someone else's everyday life, to get an insight into other people's little rituals - where they go for coffee, what they listen to in the car on the way to work.
I don't know, I find it kinda interesting.
Its like quirky introduction of the characters at the start of Amelie.

After a bacon and eggy breakfast at Darling harbour I headed off for some shopping/browsing.

Unfortunately, despite the pleasant weather earlier in the week, Sydney was not interested in co-operating with my lovely morning of strolling around the city plans.

Outside it was humid and drizzley (exhibit A, Darling Harbour above) inside damp and steamy (exhibit B, QVB, left).

However, despite the 'unfriendly' conditions, I did enjoy my morning of vague wandering around the city (well, the drier parts hehe)

Any knitter who has spent time in Sydney, may know where you end up if you head straight up Market St from Darling Harbour, then take a left at the QVB?

That's right - Tapestry Craft!!!!

The girls at Tapestry Craft were lovely - they let me pet a new sock yarn they've got coming I'm (very pretty - there was lots of oohing and aaahing) and helped me pick out some socky stash - the Argyle Heirloom there in the pic.
It feels lovely and soft, and the colour has come out pretty well in the pic (on the right, more so than below) =).

Most exciting was, on seeing my interest in the sock yarns, the girls were plugging the Souther Summer of Socks knit-along!!! and were impressed that I'm in the same SnB as the lovely Bells!!!
Aaaah it was very exciting!!!!

Oooh, I also picked up a handy dandy little knitting dictionary - Knit Speak - at Borders =)

Speaking of socks and SSoS my first sock is coming along great (I think) - you could say I've just turned a corner (well, a heel! =P) - more photographic evidence on the way soon =D

And, you know I mentioned the SSoS girls were running a newbie comp?, well - every child wins a prize (oh yes, even me!)!!!!

Thanks again guys!!!!

besos =)


  1. Loving that marled yarn. Very nice indeed. Sounds like you had a good time despite the conditions. :)

  2. Oh heirloom sock yarn is nice. Lovely.

    And you're so right about being able to observe someone else's daily rituals. Makes you realise we're all the same but just that bit different.

    It's so cool someone mentioned us at TC. tee hee

  3. Hello gawwwwjus! Love a bit of S.E.X - actually, we love a lot of it.

    You know, i've never really been a fan of JT, only on principle, but i was absolutely transfixed when I saw him on Oprah the other day and then I caught a glimpse of his stage show on pay tv (at the kebab shop funnily enough).

    I might need to check him out.

    BTW, our dinner wasn't all that great. Perhaps Friday night was a night for dud service?

  4. Wow, Bells is famous! LOL!

    My hubby got to Tapestry Craft before me (I've never been, he went there last week)... glad you had such a good trip!

    I love Amelie too :)


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