Sunday, November 18, 2007

first sock happy dance

At SnB today I cast-off my very first sock!!!

(have we had that talk about how hard it is to photograph socks?)
I guess the above is the best over-all shot - the below shows the colour much better, and you can see the pattern a little better, maybe??

Giving stats now feels kinda like cheating..
But I'll tell you this is Knitty's Diamante (toe-up), knit on 2.5mm dpns, from Sullivans sock yarn (from Lincraft)

You may have guessed those large feet aren't mine
The pattern does say they're a ladies large, but still they turned out larger than I expected.

Also, when I washed the sock for blogger it bled like crazy!

I am really tempted to have a break before knitting the partner sock to this one, to make something for myself...
(and so second sock syndrome starts!! teehee)

besos =)


  1. Congratulations on your first sock done! I think everyone's first socks come out a little big, until you get the hang of negative ease and interpreting the "knit until foot is x" smaller than final desired length" into what that means for your foot.

    Well done!

  2. I got your package!!

    And OH MY GOD the goodies inside!! I was so excited, and thank you thank you thank you!! It was such a great surprise after being home sick for two days. :D

    The boy also wants to thank you for including Tim Tams. ;) He ate many of them.

    The green bag is absolutely genius - at first I had no idea what it was, but after unfolding it and stuff, I realized. ;) (one usually does) It's so handy!!

    Again, thank you so so so much for everything - it was perfect!! :) THANK YOU!! <3<3<3

  3. Wahoo, well done! Although I am secretly miffed that your first sock is patterned, you over-achiever you.

    Good job ;-)

  4. congrats on finishing your first, generous, sock! I hope many happy sock-making hours await you.

  5. Waa hoo! It's a damn fine sock. Well done you. :)

  6. It's a beautiful sock. You should be so proud!


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