Friday, November 30, 2007

A Knight under the stars

The Boy and I have been to see Elton John tonight, and I think it will take us about 4 days to dry off from all that rain!!!!
(Somehow, even with all the monitoring of forecasts and such, I really never thought it was going to rain like that)

Despite the rain, Sir Elton put on over two hours worth of amazing show.

I stil can't believe that one little guy, on stage alone with only a piano could make such incredible music!

Lots of old favourites got an airing - the concert started with Your Song, evoked crowd participation for the Crocodile Rock and came full circle (so to speak) ending with The Circle of Life.

I know Elton has something of a reputation as being a bit of a 'diva', but tonight he came across as a gracious gentleman - introducing each song with the album of origin an a bit about what it meant, and sincerely thanking the audience for sitting out the very unfriendly weather.

It was all kind of surreal actually, all huddled together, poncho clad in the rain with Elton John singing 'Your Song' right there in front of us.

And I don't care what people say, that voice is still amazing!

My favourite part??
I've always loved 'That's why they call it the blues' - it was excellent live, along with 'Your Song', 'Circle of life' and 'Daniel', (eeek its all my favourite!) but I think the absolute best was 'Don't let the sun go down on me'. Amazing!


  1. I've got a real soft spot for some old, old Elton stuff. did he do Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? I think that's probably one of my most loved songs of all time. I'm glad he was so good! Just amazing that he came to do an outdoor show HERE!

  2. I so wished I could have been there! It would have been an amazing night, even with all that rain.

  3. Some things are worth getting a wet arse for. So glad you enjoyed it - he's such a show man. :)

  4. I don't think anyone expected THAT much rain to come out of the sky. It was monsoonal!

    It does sound surreal - didn't realise he would tour without a band - that's pretty cool.


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