Sunday, November 25, 2007

In with the new...

So, the 'playing-up' issues I was having with my camera last week ended with a new camera.
Turned out the motor in charge of the lens was stuffed, and it wouldn't be worth fixing.
And, you know, when something is completely stuffed sometimes its best to go out with the old and in with the new, whether you're talking about a camera or, well, a government...

Today being stir up Sunday
I started on the first of the Christmas preparations - the pudding =)

(OK, while I was at it I couldn't resist some cute cookies too...)
More Christmassy goodness on the way to advent this week - including a wee crafternoon on Tuesday =)

Can't wait =)

Anyone else got crafty Christmas excitment on the boil and wants to share??

besos =)


  1. I wish I was Christmas crafty.. The only crafty thing going on is the boy's scarf!

    When I was younger we used to make Christmas paper ornaments for the tree with my parents/school/grandparents... :) It was always super-fun!

    Those cookes look REALLY yummy!!

  2. oh how gorgeous! What ARE they filled with?

  3. Those are beautiful cookies!

    I'm 2/3 done on a knitted christmas present, only started a week ago and will be done IN NOVEMBER, so I'm satisfied with my progress for the moment. Of course who knows how optimistic I will get about what I can get done in December, but I'm trying to stay realistic.

  4. I've been way too slack on the xmas crafty this year, but am holding onto the fact that its still November....this weekend, I think!

    The cookies look so lovely!

  5. Your pudding reminds me that this weekend is THE weekend I am making not one, but three Christmas cakes.

    Plus rumballs.

    Plus chocolate-free florentines (not exactly Christmas baking, but the red and green glace cherries remind me of Christmas somewhat).


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