Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stir-up Sunday

This weekend I've been able to make some progress on the bears.
I'm still having to stay off my foot, and keep it elevated (any attempt at anything else has caused the swelling to return, this time mostly localised to around the actual ankle bone), so I have been in the perfect position to do some of the blanket stitching around the applique.

Yesterday afternoon the Boy and I ventured out of the house to do some grocery/baking shopping, and I picked up a few more Christmassy fabrics to use in the border - once I can comfortably machine sew again (its my pedal foot!!!)

I had planned to make my Christmas pudding today (it's Stir-up Sunday!), but when I went to start soaking the fruit I realised that I had imagined one of our bowls to be much more pudding basin-y but it isn't really going to be suitable so I'm going to soak the fruit overnight tonight and maybe pick up something more suitable tomorrow, when I go to see the doctor again (assuming I can get an appoitment when I call in the morning).

I'd also like to make a little single serve pudding which is lighter on the fruit - the Boy isn't a big fan of all that dried fruit.
Does anyone know if you have to replace the fruit with something else? Or could I just use some of the mix from the main pudding, but with less fruit? hmmmm

Hope everyone is having a great weekend,

besos =)

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