Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a whole year

I can simply not believe its been a whole year since, well, this time last year!!

A year ago I missed out on an interview for my job
Yesterday I was advised I got it.

A year ago (today, actually) I 'did' my ankle.
Today I'm a week into starting back at the gym.

A year ago I sat with a hook and a happy hooker, and made my first crochet stitches and granny square.

Today I pulled it out of its hibernation to resume working on it.

I started with the cream, light and medium blue and light and medium purple, and the aim to do one of each combination of blue cream and purple.
That would have been 24 squares (or so?).
Now I've introduced dark as well, so it will be lots more.
I think I'm up to about 38 now, I'm doing them in set of six (with each combination of colours)
I'm not super sure about the purple, maybe its far too dark....
Maybe adding a darker dark blue and a lighter dark purple as well for balance...

Mmm, 'n' that's it...

besos =)

and no, Paris has absolutely nothing to do with this post, except that my camera isn't cooperating, and every so often its nice to remind myself I was there. And there's a pony!!


  1. You got the job?? Oooh, congrats!! :D That's awesome!

  2. congrats on the job! You deserve it.

    Sigh. Paris. Nice skies.

  3. Cant believe Ive missed your post until now - Congratulations on your job!! Excellent news, well done.


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