Friday, November 10, 2006

life's lessons

On Wednesday I found myself in one of those awful situations where someone you love is going through something terrible and there is nothing you can do for them but be there.

By lunchtime I was pretty desperate for something to occupy my hands and mind whilst I was 'being there'.

I decided it would be a perfect oppurtunity to teach myself to crochet granny squares. As I sat there 'granny-squaring' at the bed of someone who had been such a great teacher to so many it suddenly occured to me that even as she lay there sleeping it was like she was still helping me learn something new. It made me smile, and I think it would have made her smile too.

This Friday I'm grateful for teachers and learning. Not just teachers in the professional sense (although they are certainly included - I'm not sure where people find the courage, patience and passion to stand in front of a classroom full of probably mostly disinterested children) but all of those people that we meet from whom we learn life's lessons.

And I'm grateful to have met one very special teacher who will be missed very much forever.

As you think
so you are

As you imagine
so you become

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