Wednesday, November 22, 2006

bananas in pajamas

Last time I posted it was getting late-ish on Sunday evening and I was preparing for an early morning on Monday.
I did manage to get up at 5:15am, unfortunately at 5:20am I was down again in a heap on my backside at the bottom of the stairs.

I have no idea what happened - I guess I'm just not a morning person...
By the time I realised I was on the floor my right ankle was about the size of a grapefruit.
My first thought was that I was going to be there alone on the floor with the cat licking my face for at least 5 hours, until one of the boys got up.

When I found I could get up my next thought was that I was going to miss my flight, so I finished getting ready and got in the taxi, planning to see the first aid officers at the airport.
Note to self for next time - they don't have first aid officers at Canberra airport.

I iced my ankle during the flight, then hobbled around for two days on my work trip, before going to get it checked out on Wednesday morning.
The doctor was really quite impressed, i think, with the level of bruising and swelling.
Usually when you 'do' an ankle you either go over on to the inside or the outside - I've done one then the other, then bruised the front on the way down.

I had some x-rays taken yesterday, the medical centre said they'd get back to me if the doctor wanted to see me again but I haven't been able to get any more information on the results than that.
I haven't heard anything, so nothing is seriously broken, but I may have some fracturing or chipping which would just be treated by continuing what I'm doing already - strapping, ice, elevation and staying off it.

So here I am at home with Oprah again - my boss has banned me from coming into work until Monday to make sure I can stay off my ankle and rest it up properly.
Luckily I picked up my entire dvd collection of Roswell from JB hifi after the doctor yesterday, so I am being kept well occupied.
Unfortunately I can't really work on my advent calendar since I have to have my foot elevated, so I'm granny-squaring instead =)

I guess sometimes our bodies find a way of making us stop and take some time out when we need it.

besos =)

BTW: Since I have previously requested pictures to go with others people's medical stories I thought I should post some of my gruesome pics (which, as J-mo observed, are remeniscent of something you would see on CSI when they've pulled a body from the river).
The first three are from Monday evening, the other two were taken this morning in the interest of capturing bruise development - the yellow came up quite well I think.


  1. Owwwwch! Once you know nothing's broken, I reckon physio treatment early can make for quicker healing. I can recommend someone (daresay Bertie can too!)

    Hope you enjoy your extra DVD and 'making things' time.

  2. Ouch!!Ouch!! I hope it's healing okay and your up on your feet again soon. Thank goodness for the dvds and granny squares. :-)

  3. Oh! i hope it is getting better- take care, wish I could bring you a dinner- but I am in California1
    Get well soon!

  4. Aaah, how I miss basketball and getting to see similar sights at the end of my own legs every few months...

    Rest up, and make sure you let it heal properly or you'll start down the path to being decrepit like me! No point being in the Public Service if you don't use up all that sick leave :)

    Big time sympathy travelling the emotional highway from me to you :)

  5. Umm yes, that is definitely impressive bruising and swelling.


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