Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh dear...

Have I ever got the post-mental health long weekend yips today!

It's cold and dark and gloomy, so I haven't taken any photos of knitting and unpacking progress from my weekend, but I have to say I think it went ok ;-)

There would have been even more knitting, except we spent most of yesterday up to our elbows in white king cleaning the flat in preparation for our final inspection next monday - then it's finito and see you later suckers to those rental people for good! Huzzah!

Oooh but is it ever hard to get that bleachy smell out of one's nostrils - ugh!

Anyway, let me tell you I could so get used to the whole week days of work, staying in bed until after Oprah (2pm - oh yes I did!) thing.

Work is kind of a weird place at the moment - people are being weird.

Today a colleague came over to my desk and said "oh here's some slice I've brought in for morning tea tomorrow, is it ok if I leave it with you?", then looked at me for a minute, frowned a little, and said "actually, I think I'd better leave it with J instead" (so what, am I the office fatty who can't sit next to a tin of slice with out eating the lot now???)

Someone else is sick of their job and apparently demanding a new one be created for them - with higher pay of course. Not sure who's meant to be doing the job they were hired for then?

Anyway, I was thinking it might be the whole Mercury retrograde thing, but then Mercury's been direct since the 19th (see how we moved on the 20th? Good planning, huh ;) ) so who knows what's going on.

Like I said weird....

The New House, however, is still as fabulous as ever =D
The flowers pictured are part of both the defense against the dark, cold gloom that is mid-winter outside, and my plan to always have fresh flowers around.
The Boy's mum always had fresh flowers in her house, and I each weekend I would look forward to seeing what she had picked up at the local markets.
These guys came from the very local supermarket, and over a week later are still looking lovely - more of those gorgeous yellow lillies (they're lillies, yeah? Oh we're going to have so much fun me posting plant pics and you guys identifying them for me as my garden reveals its planty self!) open their starry petals each day! =)

Hopefully I can get some knitty photos to post in the next couple of days - in the mean time for knitting content you could check out what some of our fave knit bloggy girls got up to at knitting camp (!!!!) on the weekend (however, I have to warn you, you'll probably be jealous - I know I totally am!! hehe)

stay warm!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Long weekending

With all the stuff that's been happenning, my boss suggested I might like to take a bit of a mental health day today to play with my new house. Long weekending - hurrah!! =)

I'm planning on staying right here in bed for a while, watching Oprah and some hard core knitting action, and perhaps a shuffle of the furniture in my crafty room =)

I'll let you know how it all goes =)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

baby cakes

Is there any better excuse for a cupcake than a baby shower?

With the number of friends and colleagues I have with babies on the way I figured I'd better get some practise in.

These cuties are my usual vanilla cranberry cuppies, with vanilla butter icing and white chocolate bottles, dummys, rattles and romper suits on top =)

And deeeeeeeeelish ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Before we arrived with the removalist last Friday morning we hadn't seen our new garden in the daylight since April.
Look at the beautiful surprise that awaited us!

This gorgeous blossomy tree is right outside the windows of our kitchen and bedroom.
We've had to swap sides of the bed so I can stare out the window on weekends =)

I'm sure the previous owner was a very keen gardener, and that our little garden has been really thoughtfully planted - I can't wait to see what other surprises pop up as the seasons change =)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

not alarmed

Don't be alarmed by my absence - I have neither been crushed by packing boxes nor zombified by demon squirrels.
It's just taking a certain 'communications' provider a little while to get us connected at the new digs.
I'll be back soon (hopefully tonight soon) =)


Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well I made it through the early morning and two full days of work meeting.
Sleeping in a big coomfy Hilton bed helped, dinner at Billie Chu didn't.

Now I'm home, all snuggled up in my couch bed - knitting, napping and watching Gordon.

My demon squirrels are coming along, although I'm now willing to admit they aren't going to be ready by Saturday... give me another week though...


funny, I just never get sick of Legoland! ;)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Just wake me when the plane lands

Can anyone tell me how it is that from the Friday side a long weekend seems to stretch so far ahead, but now, on Monday night, it doesn't feel like it was any longer than any other weekend??

I guess in part it's my own fault - I have spent a significant part of today wishing that I wouldn't have to get up, get to the airport and on to a plane to be in Melbourne by 8am for work tomorrow.

Ugh, a 5:30 start.

(ok, I have to admit, I'm actually a total nerd and quite enjoy the worky meeting part - I just don't agree with early early mornings)

Of course, it doesn't really make me feel any better when I remember that this time last year I was packing the suitcase for a much more exciting reason - last Queen's Birthday holiday Mum and I were boarding the plane and heading off on our big European Holiday Adventure...

Germany - gorgeous, no? Just look at those geraniums!

There is something else a bit exciting about this work trip - I'll be back on Wednesday evening, and on Thursday it should be only one week until settlement on our new home!!! Hurray!

I can't believe we're moving so soon - we're even starting to look packed here! =)

Oh, and I'll have an overnight in a nice hotel with TV, room service and the demon squirrels - I finished (except for the thumb) the first this afternoon, and hope to make some big progress tomorrow =)

I'll have some squirrely pics when I see you again in a couple of days =)

btw, before S'n'B tonight the boy and I had dinner at the Dickson Tradies - famous across Canberra for their schnitzel, yeah? Tonight schnitties seemed to have been way pre-cooked and as though they'd been sitting around a while... =(
Didn't even compare to one I had at Southern Cross in Woden a couple of weeks ago.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Mmmmalabrigo lace!!!
Each skein is 430m of 2ply baby merino dream come true.

It's a gloriously gloomy day out there today, not the best photo taking light, but as you can see I managed to snap a shot or two....

These babies arrived in my mailbox on Friday(ish - don't even get me started on the local post office.... our new local post office is open Saturday mornings! hurrah)

Whilst I had heard of Malabrigo before (the girls at KathrynIvy had a whole bunch of gorgeous FOs on show during Malabrigo March) it really all started for me when Bells introduced me to the divine laceweight (Verdes) she was using for her green pi blanky.

Because to touch Malabrigo is something completely different to hearing about it

This yarn feels like a cloud.

A couple of days later, when Trine was lamenting the postage costs associated with ordering yarns like Malabrigo online I remembered Bells had ordered hers from an Australian (much more reasonable postage) stockist - Yarn and Kisses - and decided to take a look at what they had in store.


Ooh, some gorgeous colours, for sure, but what would I make with it anyway?
Enter Ravelry and this beauty (Rav link).
The Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty, knit up from ONE SINGLE SKEIN OF MMMALABRIGO LACE!!!

Little Lovely

Of course, at that point all restraint went out the window.
So, there I was at Yarn and Kisses, credit card in hand, ready to buy my ONE SKEIN of yarn.

Then I thought "I know that scarf only took one skein, but what if I run out? And then I can't get more?? Best get two skeins, JUST IN CASE."

"And, oooh the colours! How to choose? What if I choose one and then it looks different when it arrives and I which I'd picked another? Perhaps I should get two colourways, you know, JUST IN CASE."

And just like that one skein becomes four.
It's more economical postage-wise, that way, you know, though.
And it's just sooooo lurvely - I don't think I could have chosen between the two anyway.

I'll bring these along to Dickson on Monday night if anyone wants a feel - but I won't be held responsible for what might happen next... ;)


ps My Hawks won Saturday night!

Friday, June 06, 2008

loooooooong weekend

Oooh, thank goodness for a long weekend!!!

We don't have too much planned - really just packing packing packing.
I'd really like to get the spare room completely packed up by Monday arvo so that we can put all the packed boxes in there - at the moment the place is a bit of a cardboard box maze, and moving them out of they way would be very handy so we could see what's actually left =s

Tomorrow will be our last Saturday night here (we're off to Melbourne for the weekend next week) and we'll be spendng the first part of it out at our fave local footy watching establishment - our respective teams clash this weekend.
They have a fairly competitive history over the past 25 years or so, and have built up quite a rivalry so it should be a good game.
This is the first time we've been brave enough to actively watch it together....
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that if it all ends in tears they won't be mine.. hehe

On Tuesday I have a 5am start (eeek) to be in Melbourne for 2 days of work meetings, so I'll be working hard to build up the sleep bank in preparation!

The demon squirrels are coming along perfectly now (on 2.25mm needles) - I'd love to have them done before we head to Melbourne next week, but that's looking a tight....
Hmmm we'll see ;)

And check out all those squares!
I had them a bit all over the place in their sets of six, and when I brought them together for packing it turns out there's quite a stack now!


oh, ps, it was lovely to see some new faces, and some gorgeous projects, braving the cold weather for SnB last night! I have to admit I was particularly enamoured of Anushka's DIVINE cabled cardie - her own design!!!! Anushka is new to Canberra - do pop by her blog and say hi (and perve on that cardie!!! =)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A warm hug for your feet

Ok, I have just one more little Can Assist sock announcement.
Now that I know it has arrived, I'm so excited to tell you about our super extra special surprise prize.

I present to you the Most Beautiful Socks

These socks are, in fact, the most beautiful hand knit socks I have ever had the pleasure of stroking =)

Oooh, just look at them.

I believe these are the spindle socks (a free pattern from my fashionable life) knit up in divine
red Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino mmmmmm

Congratulations Rose Red, on such a gorgeous pair of sockies, and thank-you for donating such a lovely gift for someone. Hope you enjoy you prize!!!

Thanks to Fi of Fitknit for her contribution towards this super extra special surprise prize, and if anyone knows how to get on Rose Red's hand knitted gift list, please let me know in the comments ;)