Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh dear...

Have I ever got the post-mental health long weekend yips today!

It's cold and dark and gloomy, so I haven't taken any photos of knitting and unpacking progress from my weekend, but I have to say I think it went ok ;-)

There would have been even more knitting, except we spent most of yesterday up to our elbows in white king cleaning the flat in preparation for our final inspection next monday - then it's finito and see you later suckers to those rental people for good! Huzzah!

Oooh but is it ever hard to get that bleachy smell out of one's nostrils - ugh!

Anyway, let me tell you I could so get used to the whole week days of work, staying in bed until after Oprah (2pm - oh yes I did!) thing.

Work is kind of a weird place at the moment - people are being weird.

Today a colleague came over to my desk and said "oh here's some slice I've brought in for morning tea tomorrow, is it ok if I leave it with you?", then looked at me for a minute, frowned a little, and said "actually, I think I'd better leave it with J instead" (so what, am I the office fatty who can't sit next to a tin of slice with out eating the lot now???)

Someone else is sick of their job and apparently demanding a new one be created for them - with higher pay of course. Not sure who's meant to be doing the job they were hired for then?

Anyway, I was thinking it might be the whole Mercury retrograde thing, but then Mercury's been direct since the 19th (see how we moved on the 20th? Good planning, huh ;) ) so who knows what's going on.

Like I said weird....

The New House, however, is still as fabulous as ever =D
The flowers pictured are part of both the defense against the dark, cold gloom that is mid-winter outside, and my plan to always have fresh flowers around.
The Boy's mum always had fresh flowers in her house, and I each weekend I would look forward to seeing what she had picked up at the local markets.
These guys came from the very local supermarket, and over a week later are still looking lovely - more of those gorgeous yellow lillies (they're lillies, yeah? Oh we're going to have so much fun me posting plant pics and you guys identifying them for me as my garden reveals its planty self!) open their starry petals each day! =)

Hopefully I can get some knitty photos to post in the next couple of days - in the mean time for knitting content you could check out what some of our fave knit bloggy girls got up to at knitting camp (!!!!) on the weekend (however, I have to warn you, you'll probably be jealous - I know I totally am!! hehe)

stay warm!


  1. Work people are generally wierd. I'm really not looking forward to working with people again. I don't get them. At all.

    And yes, they are lilies. Nice bunch of flowers! I love the idea of fresh flowers in the house. I think it's a lovely tradition to uphold.

  2. Fresh flowers is an ambition of mine. They do so much!

    Next time we're on the bus together, we can share weird stories. I think there's something in the air.

    Oh and the slice story - too damn funny!

  3. Clearly you are an untrustworthy slice minder!! How bizarre!

    Isn't buying your own place great - waving bye bye to the landlord and the last great rental clean. Yay!

  4. I love fresh flowers and always had them before we had kids - I will start again as soon as vases can be left on lowish tables safely and tablecloths no longer constitute a traffic hazard!

  5. Good luck with the FINAL rental inspection, lucky duck! Don't envy you the actual work at the moment, though. Horrible.

    Fresh flowers are a great idea - just gorgeous. And guess why I put up with the poverty and hard work of being self-employed... no colleagues! Sounds like they DESERVE to have their slice nicked, to me ;)

  6. Ugh on the Mercury retrograde thing - i can always tell when it is because I can't speak properly! Seriously, I either get all tongue-tied or talk too much/fast!

  7. What a nice Boss to offer you a Mental Health day!! The flowers are very cheery and I am glad everything has gone well: I love the blossoms!!!


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