Monday, June 09, 2008

Just wake me when the plane lands

Can anyone tell me how it is that from the Friday side a long weekend seems to stretch so far ahead, but now, on Monday night, it doesn't feel like it was any longer than any other weekend??

I guess in part it's my own fault - I have spent a significant part of today wishing that I wouldn't have to get up, get to the airport and on to a plane to be in Melbourne by 8am for work tomorrow.

Ugh, a 5:30 start.

(ok, I have to admit, I'm actually a total nerd and quite enjoy the worky meeting part - I just don't agree with early early mornings)

Of course, it doesn't really make me feel any better when I remember that this time last year I was packing the suitcase for a much more exciting reason - last Queen's Birthday holiday Mum and I were boarding the plane and heading off on our big European Holiday Adventure...

Germany - gorgeous, no? Just look at those geraniums!

There is something else a bit exciting about this work trip - I'll be back on Wednesday evening, and on Thursday it should be only one week until settlement on our new home!!! Hurray!

I can't believe we're moving so soon - we're even starting to look packed here! =)

Oh, and I'll have an overnight in a nice hotel with TV, room service and the demon squirrels - I finished (except for the thumb) the first this afternoon, and hope to make some big progress tomorrow =)

I'll have some squirrely pics when I see you again in a couple of days =)

btw, before S'n'B tonight the boy and I had dinner at the Dickson Tradies - famous across Canberra for their schnitzel, yeah? Tonight schnitties seemed to have been way pre-cooked and as though they'd been sitting around a while... =(
Didn't even compare to one I had at Southern Cross in Woden a couple of weeks ago.


  1. I always feel so very Grown-Up when I go on work trips. Hope it goes well!

    *sigh* fachwerk in Germany makes me all nostalgic too - love the way the buildings lean into each other like theyre sharing secrets. Im told its because there had to be a certain distance between them on the ground, but that the regs didnt extend to above the ground, so they leaned in at the top to grab more more space!

  2. Hey Kuka!
    I checked out your new place on allhomes. Man... you've done well, it looks lovely!! I spent last saturday touring the depressing offerings in Downer and Watson. Blah. Oh well, no rush I spose.
    Hope the settlement/packing etc goes well!

  3. Early mornings are boogelly, but even though you're not heading overseas, you can relive those happy memories!!!


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