Sunday, June 10, 2007

on a jet plane...

Well, last minute preparations are finished and I think I'm ready to go.

(ok, pretty much all of the preparations were last minute - including a root touch up this morning!)

I'll fly to Melbourne this evening, then we fly out tomorrow.

This week has been a little bit crazy - I spent Monday and Tuesday at work breaking in my new shoes, cheered for the Sens on Tuesday, s'n'b on Thursday (a little bit more on that in a sec), dinner with T&N on Friday (full VIP treatment at Wagamama!!) an impulse new phone and then footy and lunch at J-Mo's place yesterday.

S'n'B on Thursday was great - Liv, Bells and I had planned to have dinner together to kill a little time between work and 7pm, and I bumped into Joods at the newsagent so she joined us too =)

We had the most delicious Indian food, at Niche in the bus interchange in Civic.

On other things knitterly, I wore the squirrelly mitts this week - they're super warm and coooomfy! =)

I have been working away on the Boy's manly mitts, but having nearly run out of black wool I was disapointed to find Lincraft in Civic all out of black 8 ply wool =(

I guess they'll just have to keep til I get home.

Leaving you with some pics of the squirrels enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having here in Canberra today.

Next time I write it will be from Europe!!!!





  1. Oh the Squirrels look beautiful: a work of art too good to sully with actual wearing!!!!

  2. Bon voyage, Kuka!
    Lovely lovely pics of the squirrels.

  3. Have a super time Kuka! Looking forward to posts from "KK on Tour".

  4. Wooo hoo - you're on your way! Hope you have a splendid and utterly fabulous time away - looking forward to dispatches from the field ;)


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