Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new sofa og godt nyt aar

I don't really get the going out on New Years Eve thing.
There's just such a tendancy to build up expectations of how great a night New Years Eve will be, so its sure to turn out crap.

That said, I do like New Years Eve as an excuse to get together and spend time with friends.
Last year Beauzo and I had not too long moved into our flat, and Maria Two-Bob was home here on a visit from Canada.
We had a great time, about 8 of us together, - sparklers, champagne, party poppers and those annoying things you blow on and the paper shoots out (until you blow too enthusiastically and it gets a bit spitty and soggy) - you know the ones!!
We gave Beauzo's polaroid camera a really good workout, as well as my new champagne glasses, and we could see the city fireworks from our balcony.

I think that was my best New Year ever.
Mind you, 2000 was pretty good -
I was in Denmark and about 4 of us cooked a fancy dinner at my friend Gitte's house.
Gitte's parents were at dinner with a neighbour, and her dad came home in between courses to get her brother to help him put the family Christmas tree up another neighbour's flagpole...
Then, at about 11:30 he decided it would be a bit of a laugh to tie together most of the fireworks they had and set them off as one great big super-cracker.
I can still picture them screaming and running for cover when they lit it!

(Speaking of home fireworks reminds me of similar shenantics for New Years Eve in Denmark in 2004 too.)

I guess for me the important thing about News Years Eve isn't to go out to some massive party, but to take advantage of the excuse to spend time with peple you care about.

This year the boy and I have celebrated by buying a new sofa for our living room (on account of I guess we'll eventually have to pick the mattress up off the floor and put it back on the bed - we've been campling in the living room since Christmas day)
It should be delivered on Wednesday...

We made a laksa for dinner and at midnight we'll wave sparklers and sip champagne together.
I'm looking forward to saying good-bye to 2006, to be honest.
This end of the year, especially, has been kind of tough, and I'm looking forward to new year bringing a new start, and with a new sofa!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Friday, December 29, 2006

you can't catch me...

Tonight we had chicken ricepaper rolls - from the second CSIRO cookbook, which the Boy gave me for Christmas.
I recommend ricepaper rolls to everyone!!

They were so yummy and easy!, and you can put anything in that you want, and did I mention they are DELISH??!

Besides, the more healthy stuff is probably in order since, being the week of Christmas, there has been soooooooooooooooo much food around here!

It was something of a Christmas cookie factory here this time last week (yay gingerbread and shortbread!!)

I had started on the gingerbread about a week before, but it had to chill overnight and then on account of all the moving etc didn't have time finish earlier.

So it was a bit exciting to actually get them all done, and in the mean time I had also found these cute little gingerbread cookie cutters where the gingerbread men look like they have already had their heads or arms or legs bitten off.

I love Christmas baking, and even if you have cookies coming out your ears, it's nice to be able to pack up boxes for friends - or to have something to accompany the ham you'll be eating for the next three weeks =)

I guess after all that talk about the tree having a fat bottom we should be a little bit careful hehe

besos =)

btw: ok, I have to confess, there was a minor misunderstanding with the gingerbread.
You see, as I was measuring out the ingredients it did cross my mind that maybe 5 cups of flour was quite a lot....
Then I got to the end of recipe to the hand written note re:this makes a lot of gingerbread so you might like to half the quantity...
As a scientist/science nerd (I'll leave it up to you to select the one you think is more appropriate) you would think I would understand the importance of reading the steps of an experiment all the way through....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

merry days after Christmas

I hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas! =)
We had a very exciting day here - we woke to presents (and french toast) under the tree, carols sung by Dean Martin, and stockings stuffed by santa, then lunched with the Boy's dad and brother before dragging the mattress off the bed to the floor of the (otherwise empty) loungeroom floor and falling asleep in front of some Christmas TV.

Since then there's been mostly relaxing lounging around catching up on all this new dvd watching we have and a little moving thrown in too.

We've got:
- the Jetsons,
- Beverly Hills 90210,
- the Fresh Prince of Bel Air,
and a bunch of movies, plus I've been watching entourage borrowed from a colleague.
Oooh, and I've also got volume two of Rejseholdet (Unit One) to watch as well.

Today we're off on a little adventure into the city to either check out the new cinema or take advantage of the old cinema with their $8 tickets and either see Happy Feet, Marie Antoinette or Flushed Away.

merry days after Christmas everyone =)


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fat Bottom tree (aka The tree - Part 2)

As I mentioned (tres briefly) in my last post, the boy and I have moved.
We picked up the keys on Tuesday afternoon, then while the boy was having dinner with his father and brother, Jenny and I decided to 'install' a tree.

We headed out to the Christmas tree farm where Jenny had got herself a tree a few weeks ago. She said it was great - she arrived and was invited to select a tree which a kindly gentleman then cut for her.
When we arrived we were greeted by a lady with wild hair and a small handsaw.

"Here you go girls. There's not much left in the way of trees. Just make sure you don't cut down one with a ribbon - they're already sold. Goodluck then."
And she was gone.

After some concern about whether we would be able to
a) find anything
b) cut it down if we did find it and
c) get the tree back to the car assuming we did manage to find it and cut it down
we spotted a beautiful tree, and got to the cutting. (which we were amazed to discover was much easier than we expected!)

So by Tuesday evening we had a fabulous new apartment, empty but for the equally fabulous tree in the corner. =)

Next step decorations - now, whilst Christmas decorations are plentiful in October you might be surprised at how difficult to find on December 21 - I know I was!
Luckily Target came through with lights and baubles, and by Wednesday night we had our beautiful fabulous decorated lit tree - taa-daaaaah

So, its bottom is a little fat, and it leans on the wall a little, but I like it that way (leaning on the wall is better than when you turn it to lean the other way and it starts to fall and... well, let's not talk about that ok)

I didn't get a chance to post on Friday, but I'm grateful for our fat bottom tree!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Just a quick hello today =)

Robbie was GREAT!!!!!
I have sooooo many pictures - will post soon

Haven't had the chance to post because..... the Boy and I moved into our new place yesterday -hurrah!
Hopefully the internet stuff will get sorted out quickly...

I'm also keen to switch to Blogger Beta (I think =S)but everytime I want to do it the option doesn't appear, and whenever it does appear I don't have time to work on it!!!

I'm sure there's a razor for that....


Sunday, December 17, 2006

The tree - Part 1

Today we put up the family Christms tree at my mum and dad's place.

I love 'tree time'.
The whole routine - the lights are checked, then hung on the tree. (Then lights off the tree to see why they stopped working as soon as you put them on the tree. then lights back on the tree! hehe).

Then the strings of beads and the tinsel is next (although I think we over-tinselled mum when we were kids - it does't feature much these days hehe)
Then the big shiny baubles.

Finally the other ornaments are added, one at a time, each one carefully deliberated over before being placed in the best possible spot.

I've probably read it a hundred times over the past few weeks on other blogs, but it is so true that the decorating of the tree brings so many memories.

I guess its the smell of pine, and re-discovering things that we only have around us a Christmas, that help make the memories come so clear and so easily.

Everyone has their own favourite ornament, and there are ornaments that the same person is in charge of hanging each year.

And, like Carrie (of Every Word's a Purl) and Randi (of I have to say), and probably hundreds of other bloggers, have said, its the stories behind so many of the decorations you hang that make them special.

Since I've enjoyed seeing the favourite decorations of other bloggers I wanted to share a couple of special things hung on our family tree each year:

This little bear was one of a set of 6 that I bought at Christmas time in Denmark and sent home for mum. They're so little and cute - and I love bear decorations =)

This littl guy is one of a pair of Christmas gumnut baby decorations.
They are made from the seed pod (gumnut) of a native Australian gum tree.
We have had them for so long, and they always get prime position.

I guess I really like these two because they represent Australia and Denmark - like I've said I always think of Denmark more during the Christmas season.

I suppose I have also thought about this a bit more than usual since it will be the first Christmas living together for the Boy and I, which makes it an extra special one for me. We'll have our first tree together, and hang it with ornaments that will be special because they'll be the ornaments from our first Christmas tree together.

One thing's for sure - Christmas tree decorating time is exhausting even if you're one of Santa's best little helpers like Bob here.

Happy tree-time!

Besos =)

BTW. today is R-day - Robbie day!!!!
By the next time I publish a post I will (excluding the chance of natural disaster) have seen him in live concert, and may well be a whole new person.
Just so you know...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday's post - on Saturday

It's been a busy end of the week here, and somehow Friday slipped past before I could catch it.

Thursday saw:

- the first Christmas present of the season wrapped - yay =)

- work Christmas lunch at... you guessed it - Lemon Grass! (ok, not my idea - this was organised while I was off work but, hey, who am I to argue!!)

- arrangements finalised for another move (hmmm), but at least this time its the first move for the Boy and I together (that part gets a yay!)

- and I went to check out the Christmas tree in Civic.

I have to say the Civic tree was a bit disappointing, but I guess it's probably better viewed at night - lights on and all that.

I was more impressed with a tree I saw elsewhere - my favourite third place.

On Friday I met this lovely lady on my way home to visit my mum for her birthday.

And, of course, only
on more sleep untill ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!
Needless to say we are very excited!!!! =)

I was a bit surprised flying over Victoria that I didn't see more evidence of the fires.
I saw a little bit of smoke, but most of the flight we were over clouds anyway.

We certainly saw more on the drive from the city out to gippsland, though, in parts much of the horizon was filled with smoke streaming up from 6 or 7 different areas, one part in particular surrounded by a reddish glow.

Craft-wise, I had started a project from this book which I thought might be a daggy but cute gift for one of my sisters, however after less than lukewam reception from other family members, I think I'll rip it back and start on something from the Happy Hooker. I might even have progress shots tomorrow =) (might hehe)
BTW it isn't quite that orange!!! (not that there's anything wrong with orange)

This week's gratitude is a quick list of things I'm glad for:

- I have tickets to Robbie!!!!

- I have a boss who let's me take a long weekend to go to see Robbie

- the Boy and I managed to find an apartment!

besos! =)

ockham's razor

I was shopping with J-mo on Wednesday when I saw this cute t-shirt

I was looking at it hanging up on the rack, wondering how they got the print to look so 'inside-out'
A few minutes later, after I had tried it on, I noticed this

They got the 'inside-out' effect by sewing the shirt, well, inside-out


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Tonight the Boy and I have been to see Casino Royale, starring my very favourite Danish actor - Mads Mikkelsen =)
It was great - I always enjoy Bond
I think gave you some insight into why Bond is like he is in the other films, and that it was a good one to have a new Bond actor start, since you expect 'young' Bond to be different from how he has been in the other films anyway.
I did think it was a bit long sometimes, though, kind of like watching two in a row.

We were planning on dinner then movie, but since it is so long we wanted to see the 6:35pm showing instead of the 9:30 (which would have finished after midnight =S)so we skipped dinner which was lucky since I was (again) enticed into buying the largest size of popcorn/frozen coke combo (its just one dollar extra!).
It was the BIGGEST frozen coke I have ever seen - probably over a litre I think, and so much popcorn I had to get the boy to carry it for me hehe.

After the movie we had the pleasure of being able to catch a regular bus service home (hurrah - no more flexibus!)

In all my rating for the evening: 5 Aces =)

besos =)

Friday, December 08, 2006

100 not out

A couple of times this week I have sat down in front of the computer to post, but haven't really had anything to say.
Or maybe I have had something to say, but nothing exciting enough for my 100th post! =)
Actually, come to think of it, I still don't really know what to say but I didn't want to miss a Friday =)

This Friday I'm grateful for the internet.
Because it let's us stay in touch with our family and friends no matter where we are.
Because it let's us make new friends.
And because it gives us an unlimited source of inspiration and new skills

Hurrah for the net =)

Now, in the interest of some getting to know my better on the occasion of my 100th post!, this meme has been doing the rounds, so I've tagged myself =)


Four jobs I've had:

Waiting tables
Sales assistant
Australian public service

Four Movies I could Watch Over and Over:

Bring It On
The New Guy
The original Star Wars trilogy - all three of them - one after the next

Four places I have lived:

Gippsland, Victoria
Hornslet, Denmark
Haren, The Netherlands

Four TV Shows That I Love:

Veronica Mars!
Arrested Development

Four places I have been for a vacation:

Ghent (Belgium)
I went on a cruise to Fiji/New Caledonia/Vanuatu

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

The Age
Bridget Walther - so I know whether I should have gotten out of bed hehe

Four Favourite Foods:

Thai food (mmmm Lemon Grass!)
Risalamande (well, it is nearly Christmas)

Four places I would rather be:


Four blogs I read every day:
(ok, this was 4 people to tag, but I changed it =))

Knit and Tonic
Coffee Crochet
Anna Maria

Friday, December 01, 2006


Today I took the bone scan results to my doctor.
Like me he was surprised to find the report so vague and still no bone injury.

My ankle seems to be ok, just a bit achy, and a tiny bit swollen still.
He had me rotate and stretch the ankle in each direction, and nothing hurt - it was just a little stiff.

So he still thinks I've got a little bit of bone damage - there's a bone that sits in between the ankle joint and the heel bone, he thinks I may have chipped this a tiny bit.

This would show up on a CT scan, but he doesn't want me to have to have too many scans (by the way, Bertie pointed out that while he had to drink all that barium sulfate, his CT was on his digestive system. Since mine would be my foot then what's in my stomach probably won't matter - good point Bertie! =))

Also, since it is likely to be such minor damage the diagnosis probably isn't going to change the treatment anyway, just give us an idea of the expected recovery time frame - from a couple of weeks if it is just ligaments to maybe 8 or ten weeks if it is the bone.
Since I haven't really had any trouble putting weight on the most part of my foot, I am off the crutches (yay!), and just have a stick.

Besides not having to use the crutches anymore, there's a couple of other gratitude Friday things I'll mention =)

I'm grateful for the Boy.
This past to weeks he has done everything for me - driven me around to appointments, cooked fabulous meals while I yelled instructions to him from my chair in the corner (now I have the stick to wave at him too! hehe)
He's done so much for me, when he has his own stuff to worry about - like studying for a law exam next week (last one ever!!!)

Having now spent something like 11 days on my behind with my foot up, I am so grateful for the accessability of entertainment these days!!!
I've spent the week-and-a-half with Oprah and Dr Phil, the guys from Roswell, even the cricket (although I have to say from an Ausralian's perspective the first test was more entertaining than this one so far!), as well as a couple of others.

I'm also grateful for crafts - check out my advent calendar =)
I stayed up sewing the bits on last night so that at least the adventy bits would be ready for December 1 =)
From each little gold star is an advent charm, which will be turned around each day until December 24.
(Mind you, if you were to count the pieces in the picture I posted on Tuesday you'll find that where I had counted 23 there were only 22!!! So now I just have to find one more, and add the star to the top of the tree, then I'll have 24.)

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, the matching fabric on the back of the charms blends really well with the background.
Now I'm going to use the Christmassy fabrics I picked up last weekend to make a border - I'll work on that through the next week =)

besos =)

btw, usually I would have cropped this last pic, but I couldn't get rid of that little hand in the bottom right-hand corner!! (click on the picture for a closer look) =)