Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new sofa og godt nyt aar

I don't really get the going out on New Years Eve thing.
There's just such a tendancy to build up expectations of how great a night New Years Eve will be, so its sure to turn out crap.

That said, I do like New Years Eve as an excuse to get together and spend time with friends.
Last year Beauzo and I had not too long moved into our flat, and Maria Two-Bob was home here on a visit from Canada.
We had a great time, about 8 of us together, - sparklers, champagne, party poppers and those annoying things you blow on and the paper shoots out (until you blow too enthusiastically and it gets a bit spitty and soggy) - you know the ones!!
We gave Beauzo's polaroid camera a really good workout, as well as my new champagne glasses, and we could see the city fireworks from our balcony.

I think that was my best New Year ever.
Mind you, 2000 was pretty good -
I was in Denmark and about 4 of us cooked a fancy dinner at my friend Gitte's house.
Gitte's parents were at dinner with a neighbour, and her dad came home in between courses to get her brother to help him put the family Christmas tree up another neighbour's flagpole...
Then, at about 11:30 he decided it would be a bit of a laugh to tie together most of the fireworks they had and set them off as one great big super-cracker.
I can still picture them screaming and running for cover when they lit it!

(Speaking of home fireworks reminds me of similar shenantics for New Years Eve in Denmark in 2004 too.)

I guess for me the important thing about News Years Eve isn't to go out to some massive party, but to take advantage of the excuse to spend time with peple you care about.

This year the boy and I have celebrated by buying a new sofa for our living room (on account of I guess we'll eventually have to pick the mattress up off the floor and put it back on the bed - we've been campling in the living room since Christmas day)
It should be delivered on Wednesday...

We made a laksa for dinner and at midnight we'll wave sparklers and sip champagne together.
I'm looking forward to saying good-bye to 2006, to be honest.
This end of the year, especially, has been kind of tough, and I'm looking forward to new year bringing a new start, and with a new sofa!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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  1. Happy New Year.
    Yes you're right-better to spend it with friends and food, oh and wine.


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