Sunday, December 17, 2006

The tree - Part 1

Today we put up the family Christms tree at my mum and dad's place.

I love 'tree time'.
The whole routine - the lights are checked, then hung on the tree. (Then lights off the tree to see why they stopped working as soon as you put them on the tree. then lights back on the tree! hehe).

Then the strings of beads and the tinsel is next (although I think we over-tinselled mum when we were kids - it does't feature much these days hehe)
Then the big shiny baubles.

Finally the other ornaments are added, one at a time, each one carefully deliberated over before being placed in the best possible spot.

I've probably read it a hundred times over the past few weeks on other blogs, but it is so true that the decorating of the tree brings so many memories.

I guess its the smell of pine, and re-discovering things that we only have around us a Christmas, that help make the memories come so clear and so easily.

Everyone has their own favourite ornament, and there are ornaments that the same person is in charge of hanging each year.

And, like Carrie (of Every Word's a Purl) and Randi (of I have to say), and probably hundreds of other bloggers, have said, its the stories behind so many of the decorations you hang that make them special.

Since I've enjoyed seeing the favourite decorations of other bloggers I wanted to share a couple of special things hung on our family tree each year:

This little bear was one of a set of 6 that I bought at Christmas time in Denmark and sent home for mum. They're so little and cute - and I love bear decorations =)

This littl guy is one of a pair of Christmas gumnut baby decorations.
They are made from the seed pod (gumnut) of a native Australian gum tree.
We have had them for so long, and they always get prime position.

I guess I really like these two because they represent Australia and Denmark - like I've said I always think of Denmark more during the Christmas season.

I suppose I have also thought about this a bit more than usual since it will be the first Christmas living together for the Boy and I, which makes it an extra special one for me. We'll have our first tree together, and hang it with ornaments that will be special because they'll be the ornaments from our first Christmas tree together.

One thing's for sure - Christmas tree decorating time is exhausting even if you're one of Santa's best little helpers like Bob here.

Happy tree-time!

Besos =)

BTW. today is R-day - Robbie day!!!!
By the next time I publish a post I will (excluding the chance of natural disaster) have seen him in live concert, and may well be a whole new person.
Just so you know...

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