Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday's post - on Saturday

It's been a busy end of the week here, and somehow Friday slipped past before I could catch it.

Thursday saw:

- the first Christmas present of the season wrapped - yay =)

- work Christmas lunch at... you guessed it - Lemon Grass! (ok, not my idea - this was organised while I was off work but, hey, who am I to argue!!)

- arrangements finalised for another move (hmmm), but at least this time its the first move for the Boy and I together (that part gets a yay!)

- and I went to check out the Christmas tree in Civic.

I have to say the Civic tree was a bit disappointing, but I guess it's probably better viewed at night - lights on and all that.

I was more impressed with a tree I saw elsewhere - my favourite third place.

On Friday I met this lovely lady on my way home to visit my mum for her birthday.

And, of course, only
on more sleep untill ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!
Needless to say we are very excited!!!! =)

I was a bit surprised flying over Victoria that I didn't see more evidence of the fires.
I saw a little bit of smoke, but most of the flight we were over clouds anyway.

We certainly saw more on the drive from the city out to gippsland, though, in parts much of the horizon was filled with smoke streaming up from 6 or 7 different areas, one part in particular surrounded by a reddish glow.

Craft-wise, I had started a project from this book which I thought might be a daggy but cute gift for one of my sisters, however after less than lukewam reception from other family members, I think I'll rip it back and start on something from the Happy Hooker. I might even have progress shots tomorrow =) (might hehe)
BTW it isn't quite that orange!!! (not that there's anything wrong with orange)

This week's gratitude is a quick list of things I'm glad for:

- I have tickets to Robbie!!!!

- I have a boss who let's me take a long weekend to go to see Robbie

- the Boy and I managed to find an apartment!

besos! =)

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