Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fat Bottom tree (aka The tree - Part 2)

As I mentioned (tres briefly) in my last post, the boy and I have moved.
We picked up the keys on Tuesday afternoon, then while the boy was having dinner with his father and brother, Jenny and I decided to 'install' a tree.

We headed out to the Christmas tree farm where Jenny had got herself a tree a few weeks ago. She said it was great - she arrived and was invited to select a tree which a kindly gentleman then cut for her.
When we arrived we were greeted by a lady with wild hair and a small handsaw.

"Here you go girls. There's not much left in the way of trees. Just make sure you don't cut down one with a ribbon - they're already sold. Goodluck then."
And she was gone.

After some concern about whether we would be able to
a) find anything
b) cut it down if we did find it and
c) get the tree back to the car assuming we did manage to find it and cut it down
we spotted a beautiful tree, and got to the cutting. (which we were amazed to discover was much easier than we expected!)

So by Tuesday evening we had a fabulous new apartment, empty but for the equally fabulous tree in the corner. =)

Next step decorations - now, whilst Christmas decorations are plentiful in October you might be surprised at how difficult to find on December 21 - I know I was!
Luckily Target came through with lights and baubles, and by Wednesday night we had our beautiful fabulous decorated lit tree - taa-daaaaah

So, its bottom is a little fat, and it leans on the wall a little, but I like it that way (leaning on the wall is better than when you turn it to lean the other way and it starts to fall and... well, let's not talk about that ok)

I didn't get a chance to post on Friday, but I'm grateful for our fat bottom tree!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Merry Christmas right back at ya :) And now I don't have to feel like I'm missing out on tree-based excitement, I can just enjoy the photos of yours, leaving my carpet needle and sap free ;)


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