Friday, December 29, 2006

you can't catch me...

Tonight we had chicken ricepaper rolls - from the second CSIRO cookbook, which the Boy gave me for Christmas.
I recommend ricepaper rolls to everyone!!

They were so yummy and easy!, and you can put anything in that you want, and did I mention they are DELISH??!

Besides, the more healthy stuff is probably in order since, being the week of Christmas, there has been soooooooooooooooo much food around here!

It was something of a Christmas cookie factory here this time last week (yay gingerbread and shortbread!!)

I had started on the gingerbread about a week before, but it had to chill overnight and then on account of all the moving etc didn't have time finish earlier.

So it was a bit exciting to actually get them all done, and in the mean time I had also found these cute little gingerbread cookie cutters where the gingerbread men look like they have already had their heads or arms or legs bitten off.

I love Christmas baking, and even if you have cookies coming out your ears, it's nice to be able to pack up boxes for friends - or to have something to accompany the ham you'll be eating for the next three weeks =)

I guess after all that talk about the tree having a fat bottom we should be a little bit careful hehe

besos =)

btw: ok, I have to confess, there was a minor misunderstanding with the gingerbread.
You see, as I was measuring out the ingredients it did cross my mind that maybe 5 cups of flour was quite a lot....
Then I got to the end of recipe to the hand written note re:this makes a lot of gingerbread so you might like to half the quantity...
As a scientist/science nerd (I'll leave it up to you to select the one you think is more appropriate) you would think I would understand the importance of reading the steps of an experiment all the way through....


  1. Nerds don't read instructions (except oocasionally for fun)! Your reputation is intact :)

  2. Yep, Christmas is baking biscuits for me. Choc dipped shortbread hearts and yo-yos. Bought a superduper sized glass jar from Ikea to display them in them. Not sure what I can put in the jar now the rest of the


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