Wednesday, December 27, 2006

merry days after Christmas

I hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas! =)
We had a very exciting day here - we woke to presents (and french toast) under the tree, carols sung by Dean Martin, and stockings stuffed by santa, then lunched with the Boy's dad and brother before dragging the mattress off the bed to the floor of the (otherwise empty) loungeroom floor and falling asleep in front of some Christmas TV.

Since then there's been mostly relaxing lounging around catching up on all this new dvd watching we have and a little moving thrown in too.

We've got:
- the Jetsons,
- Beverly Hills 90210,
- the Fresh Prince of Bel Air,
and a bunch of movies, plus I've been watching entourage borrowed from a colleague.
Oooh, and I've also got volume two of Rejseholdet (Unit One) to watch as well.

Today we're off on a little adventure into the city to either check out the new cinema or take advantage of the old cinema with their $8 tickets and either see Happy Feet, Marie Antoinette or Flushed Away.

merry days after Christmas everyone =)


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