Thursday, December 21, 2006


Just a quick hello today =)

Robbie was GREAT!!!!!
I have sooooo many pictures - will post soon

Haven't had the chance to post because..... the Boy and I moved into our new place yesterday -hurrah!
Hopefully the internet stuff will get sorted out quickly...

I'm also keen to switch to Blogger Beta (I think =S)but everytime I want to do it the option doesn't appear, and whenever it does appear I don't have time to work on it!!!

I'm sure there's a razor for that....


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  1. Hey Kuka,
    Congrats to you and Sam on the move. Looking forward to it myself in a month or so :)
    Guess theres no time to meet up now before Christmas, so have a great time, and try not to be TOO festive :)
    I'm back on the 28th, so I'll see you then.


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