Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Tonight the Boy and I have been to see Casino Royale, starring my very favourite Danish actor - Mads Mikkelsen =)
It was great - I always enjoy Bond
I think gave you some insight into why Bond is like he is in the other films, and that it was a good one to have a new Bond actor start, since you expect 'young' Bond to be different from how he has been in the other films anyway.
I did think it was a bit long sometimes, though, kind of like watching two in a row.

We were planning on dinner then movie, but since it is so long we wanted to see the 6:35pm showing instead of the 9:30 (which would have finished after midnight =S)so we skipped dinner which was lucky since I was (again) enticed into buying the largest size of popcorn/frozen coke combo (its just one dollar extra!).
It was the BIGGEST frozen coke I have ever seen - probably over a litre I think, and so much popcorn I had to get the boy to carry it for me hehe.

After the movie we had the pleasure of being able to catch a regular bus service home (hurrah - no more flexibus!)

In all my rating for the evening: 5 Aces =)

besos =)


  1. Firstly, excellent title :)

    I used to be a huge Bond fan back in my teens (I even own the James Bond role playing game...), and enjoyed the Brosnan incarnation of Bond too, but I haven't found myself caring too much about the relaunch of the Bond dynasty.

    Glad to hear that it's good (your word is enough for me!) and so I'll make sure to catch it (likely on DVD, given how often I bother with the cinema).

  2. What is it about those movie snack vendors that makes them so hard to say no to??? Pea (DH) and I saw the new Bond on Sunday (loved it!!!) and also caved and bought the huge popcorn. Pretty much ruined our dinner appetite too!!


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