Tuesday, February 09, 2016

oh hi February!

So, January is busy with those birthdays and whatnot! 
Miss Amelia turned two in the middle of January (I know! Where did those years - and that tiny baby! - go?!)

We've had unusual weather for this (or any, really) time of year - a few hot summer days but lots of rain and storms too, and even a couple of days under 20C - my garden has been LOVING it! (Me too, to be honest - I'm all for some milder summer weather!)
We've had zukes and the most delicious cukes and some button squash too. There are quite a lot of pumpkins growing, and the tomatoes should ripen any day now. And we have the odd monster fruit that is probably a few days past when it should have been picked =p
We are still so in love with the garden, and just so glad we decided to have the work done last year! We spend so much time out there together - especially in the evenings or , on hot days, in the early mornings before the weather warms up! 
Amelia has a sandpit now and a water table, and just loves to potter around pointing out the veggies and picking snow peas =)

There has also been LOADS of sewing and knitting and reading that I'm hoping to share another day. I've got a new blogging app on my phone which in hoping will make it easier to blog when I have time - like on the bus etc. I'm never quite sure how I want to set out my posts - photos interspersed? Or all at the top then text? Anyway, we'll see how the posts look coming through the new app. 
Xo Bron