Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rock your body

Ooooh, I'm very excited!!!!

I'm currently picking out the knitting for tomorrow's bus ride to Sydney FOR THE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CONCERT!!!!!
Huzzah =)

(he was in Copenhagen just after us, you know. I wonder if he had the chance to take in a leisurely lunch at the gorgeous Nyhavn too... ;D )

Then, on Friday, there'll be shopping and fabric and tapestry craft and ferries =D

Have a great end of the week everyone - see you on Saturday (you know, if the excitement isn't all too much =D)

besos! =D

Resistance is futile

No Guilt Stash Manifesto

I will neither defend nor apologize for my stash. My yarn brings me joy, and therefore brings others in my life joy.

Through my hands I do good in the world. I knit with love for friends, family, and strangers. Yarn is my medium.

I promise not to let my stash acquisition interfere with personal relationships or financial health; yet neither will I give in to pressure from significant others to reduce my stash.

I will not judge others' stash. I can admire it, be inspired by it, even covet certain skeins, but it is not my place to pass judgment on quantity or quality.

I recognize that stash management is personal. I fully intend to knit my beautiful yarns, but I refuse to be guilted into doing so on anyone's schedule other than my own.

I understand that it may take many years for a yarn to reveal its destiny, and that yarns that have been in my stash for a seemingly long time just haven't met their correct pattern. I won't feel guilty about this.

I also recognize that yarn can have many destinies. It can be a reminder of a special trip, a friend, a time in one's life. It can be comfort or inspiration. It doesn't always need to be knitted to fulfill its destiny. I accept that some yarns in my possession may never be knit by me.

I believe in the karmic properties of stash. I willingly share with other knitters, and I realize the stash, like love, will grow when it is shared.


Wanna fight your stash guilt too?
Go here or here =)

Thanks Bells and Amy (in Rhode Island =) ) for the gift (enabling?) of guilt free stashdom!!

besos =)

Monday, October 29, 2007

mission complete

Oooh, by the way, I meant to put out a thank-you to everyone for the words of encouragement about the job interview =)

It was so crazy - I know I'm the best person for the job (hey, I've been doing it for 18 months), and besides, I know that more than one position can come out of it (from three interviews) - but the whole recruitment process is so icky anyway what with the questions and the interview - blergh =S - you just can't help but feel anxious about it.

Word on the street is that the process is being ushed through, so I should know for sure before too long (come to think of it, my boss was talking about a lemongrass lunch next week so it might be really close...)

So, thanks =D

btw that's the first strawberry sitting on skirt of the zipless dress up there, for scale (of print or berry, take your pick) ;D (sorry Liv, but I think of you everytime something is included for scale! =p)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

not an hour too soon!

Ah finally daylight saving time has arrived - I've really been hanging out for it this year (maybe it was June's danish midnight dusk that did it?)

I'm so excited about having some daylight hours to spend with my garden after I get home from work each day =)

This weekend we had our first taste of home grown strawberry goodness from my balcony garden mmmm sweeeeeet =)

I'm really excited about my garden this year - it is really growing great guns , and already is my best gardening effort yet.

As well as the strawberries (I have about 8 plants at various stages of development - hopefully to stagger the berry yield) I have parsley, sage, mint and thyme enough to be kitchen useful (don't worry, the rosemary is on its way!!).

A few weeks ago I put in snow pea and dwarf bean seeds, which seem to be almost doubling in size each day. I have never seen anything like the beans - I watered the seeds last Saturday morning and there was nothing there, by the time we got home from our Saturday movie/shopping expedition there were 7 plants at about 5cm tall each!!

I'm feeling somewhat less confident about the fate of my one cherry tomato, which is just starting to fruit, and one regular tomato, a chilli plant and about 8 capsicum seedlings.

We'll just wait and see how they go....
(and please don't anyone look at the daphne... =s)

There's also quite a bit of colour going on - pansies, petunias, alysium and (my fave) geraniums!!!

They make me feel kind of, well, European =) (no, really!!!)
I think in order to really European it up I just need some red and white, since both my parent plants are pink (I've taken at least 20 cuttings from each - its so easy!!)

The floral theme has flowed on into the much discussed but as yet unrevealed sewing - I thought I'd have a finished dress tonight but I got the wrong size zip =(
I'm happy enough that the fit is good to start on the next though =) huzzah

eeeek, this year's daylight saving has certainly come in with a bang - the storming tonight is getting nuts, and in the interest of my computer's safety I think its time to unplug for the sake of lighting power surge protection =s

Hope your garden's getting wet! =D

besos =)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Europe? Oh yes please!

Oooh, I haven't blog quizzed for ages!!

You Belong in Amsterdam

A little old fashioned, a little modern - you're the best of both worlds. And so is Amsterdam.
Whether you want to be a squatter graffiti artist or a great novelist, Amsterdam has all that you want in Europe (in one small city).

To be honest, there are a couple of places I'd rather, but yes I would settle for Amsterdam. In a pinch. You know. Ok, just say the word and I'm there!!! hehe

In other news:

1) Friday was fabulous! =)

2) I have my first dress all cut out - ready to sew! =)

3) I'm working on Greanjeans - I have just separated the stitches for the arms. I'm really pleased with how its coming out.

4) I have a job interview tomorrow - eeeek! I'm kinda confident, also somewhat nervous - its all very confusing, really =S

5) Speaking of confusing, I just saw an ad on tv for a new series of Gladiator - hmmm exciting or scary?

6) And now speaking of scary, did anyone see Criminal Minds tonight?? Oh, I love this show but it is seriously creepy sometimes!! =S I'm so glad its on 2 times a week now!! (but, please channel 7, when will Bones be back???)

besos! =)

(btw, pics from our stay in Amsterdam - the houseboats and bikes sum it up really!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dead or Alive

Thanks for all the get well wishes =)
I did survive - I'm alive and well, listening to Bon Jovi and wishing (again) that I lived in Ghent! Aaaah, its sooo pretty!

The past week I've been hit by the sewing bug - I'm doing a little bit of sewing, but mostly stashing fabric and dreaming up dresses like a crazy lady! =p

Tomorrow the boy has his law graduationy ceremony =)
I'm all ready - new outfit, new shoes and the new improved holiday skin.

So, see you in court - I'll be the one in the new dress, with sore feet and orange legs!!! =p

happy friday everyone!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

best laid plans

I had plans for this weekend (hey, lounging is a plan!)
Seriously - there was an invite to the races, the possibility of a movie, a lazy sunny Canberra Sunday arvo at Edgar's - there were plans!
What I hadn't planned on was getting knocked on my you-know-what by a super sneaky, wicked nasty flu-like illness =(

Friday morning I was fine.
Mum and I had breakfast (and watched morning tv - they were interviewing the national rock scissors paper champion - who knew there was national championship??) while we waited for the heater repair guy to come - he went to the wrong address twice!! (let's not mention the fact that its not really heater weather anymore - I've been working on getting the heater repaired since February!!)
Mum dropped me at work about 11ish, on her way out of Canberra.

By 12 I felt like I had some icky hayfever, which just got worse and by 5:30 I was at home on the couch with a nasty fever.
And apart from the supermarket on Sunday and a half day at work yesterday, I haven't been far from the couch since. ugh.
By happy coincidence most of our amazon order arrived, so I had the Life as We Know It guys to keep me company on the weekend, and yesterday got my hands on my own copy of my favourite - Veronica Mars!!!! (season 1) =)

What I did get done is almost all of the finishing on the jet cardi!!!!
All it needs now is sewing on of buttons - which I picked up on Sunday - huzzah!!!
I'm planning to post shots of the completely finished product - I think the jet cardi deserves a post all of its own =) but I couldn't wait so there's a little sneak preview up there too =)

I have cast on for Mr Greenjeans from the latest Knitty.
Its knit from the top down and I guess I'm about halfway to separating the sleeve stitches out.

So, plans for the rest of today?
Buttons, Greenjeans, Oprah and Veronica Mars. Oh my!

besos =)

Friday, October 05, 2007

catching up is hard to do

Well, I guess things have been a leeetle busy chez Kuka (et Boy) again this week, so here's a tres brief round up =)

The Port Adelaide cupcake dilema was overcome by only making cats - I'm not sure if you can tell from the pic there, but some of those have little white chocolate cats wearing blue bow-ties on the top.

It was probably for the best that I stuck with just cats, since (apart from the fact that the teal icing is hard to perfect) Port's performance on the day suggested that a Power cupcake would likely be a serious choking hazard.

As far as the actual Grand Final game, it was exciting that Geelong won but a bit disappointing that it was such a smashing (it really didn't make for a thrilling match!). Mum has been here visiting since last Friday, so the three of us watched the game together over footy jumper wearing beers and party pies =)

Monday through Wednesday this week I was in Melbourne for a work meeting, which was both less exciting than it sounds in that the entire time was spent at the airport, but also more interesting than it sounds since I quite enjoy hearing our expert committee members comment on the issues we work with every day.

The jet cardie is all finished as far as knitting goes - all that is needed now is the sewing and to find some buttons - hurrah!!
I'll try get some photos over the weekend.

Mum and I had a great time at SnB last-night. There was a pretty good turn out - and lots of socky inspiration, including crocheted socks, Koigu socks, gelato socks and the first sock of the luckiest knitter in the world.
Hmmmm, with all this socking going on I'm seeing socks in my future...

I swatched for, and (pretty much) got gauge for, my next project (drum roll?) - Mr Greenjeans =)

Now, just to finish that sewing up.....