Monday, October 29, 2007

mission complete

Oooh, by the way, I meant to put out a thank-you to everyone for the words of encouragement about the job interview =)

It was so crazy - I know I'm the best person for the job (hey, I've been doing it for 18 months), and besides, I know that more than one position can come out of it (from three interviews) - but the whole recruitment process is so icky anyway what with the questions and the interview - blergh =S - you just can't help but feel anxious about it.

Word on the street is that the process is being ushed through, so I should know for sure before too long (come to think of it, my boss was talking about a lemongrass lunch next week so it might be really close...)

So, thanks =D

btw that's the first strawberry sitting on skirt of the zipless dress up there, for scale (of print or berry, take your pick) ;D (sorry Liv, but I think of you everytime something is included for scale! =p)


  1. Stunt strawberry! So would you say it is an average sized strawberry? It's a berry to be proud of anyway.

  2. Ooh, good luck with the job thing (again). :D I hope it works out!!

    I really, really hope my parcel reaches you this week - I have absolutely no idea how long it takes for it to reach Australia, but it takes a week for a parcel to reach the US.. That's not THAT much farther away, is it?? :P

    Am a bit jealous of the strawberries; we've got stormy weather as well, but on the chilly side - winter's lurking just around the corner. :( My least favourite season...

  3. Ah it's a lovely strawberry on very pretty fabric. Fingers crossed for a speedy resolution of the recruitment process. :)

  4. Oooh yum Strawberries!!! Now you have me wanting strawberries! lol

    I am the person that coloured the orange and blue sock wool on quiltingmicks blog. If you are interested you can order some from me via my etsy. I also can do it in double knit/8ply.


  5. Your strawberry looks perfect!! Hope they don't make you wait too long!!


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