Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dead or Alive

Thanks for all the get well wishes =)
I did survive - I'm alive and well, listening to Bon Jovi and wishing (again) that I lived in Ghent! Aaaah, its sooo pretty!

The past week I've been hit by the sewing bug - I'm doing a little bit of sewing, but mostly stashing fabric and dreaming up dresses like a crazy lady! =p

Tomorrow the boy has his law graduationy ceremony =)
I'm all ready - new outfit, new shoes and the new improved holiday skin.

So, see you in court - I'll be the one in the new dress, with sore feet and orange legs!!! =p

happy friday everyone!


  1. Very glad to hear you're on the mend. It's been a horrible year for the flu :p

    I'm not surprised you wish you lived in Ghent - drop dead gorgeous!

    Congrats to the boy on his graduation!!!

  2. I love Ghent too; I was there for one day in 2004 as part of a cruise. Belgium is just a beautiful country, in my opinion; Blankenberge was another favorite.


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