Tuesday, October 09, 2007

best laid plans

I had plans for this weekend (hey, lounging is a plan!)
Seriously - there was an invite to the races, the possibility of a movie, a lazy sunny Canberra Sunday arvo at Edgar's - there were plans!
What I hadn't planned on was getting knocked on my you-know-what by a super sneaky, wicked nasty flu-like illness =(

Friday morning I was fine.
Mum and I had breakfast (and watched morning tv - they were interviewing the national rock scissors paper champion - who knew there was national championship??) while we waited for the heater repair guy to come - he went to the wrong address twice!! (let's not mention the fact that its not really heater weather anymore - I've been working on getting the heater repaired since February!!)
Mum dropped me at work about 11ish, on her way out of Canberra.

By 12 I felt like I had some icky hayfever, which just got worse and by 5:30 I was at home on the couch with a nasty fever.
And apart from the supermarket on Sunday and a half day at work yesterday, I haven't been far from the couch since. ugh.
By happy coincidence most of our amazon order arrived, so I had the Life as We Know It guys to keep me company on the weekend, and yesterday got my hands on my own copy of my favourite - Veronica Mars!!!! (season 1) =)

What I did get done is almost all of the finishing on the jet cardi!!!!
All it needs now is sewing on of buttons - which I picked up on Sunday - huzzah!!!
I'm planning to post shots of the completely finished product - I think the jet cardi deserves a post all of its own =) but I couldn't wait so there's a little sneak preview up there too =)

I have cast on for Mr Greenjeans from the latest Knitty.
Its knit from the top down and I guess I'm about halfway to separating the sleeve stitches out.

So, plans for the rest of today?
Buttons, Greenjeans, Oprah and Veronica Mars. Oh my!

besos =)


  1. Hope you are feeling better.. it has been a Lurgy filled Winter everywhere this year. Oh, Mr Greenjeans, how exciting. The Jet cardi is loooking tantalisingly good!!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! :) And can't wait to see pics of your finished sweater! I wish I had my own finished sweater to photograph. But I have a day off tomorrow, so perhaps I'll get a bit done then. :P

    I left you a PM on Ravelry - I'm a bit confused about your address? :s Hope you can help me figure it out! :P

    I was a bit puzzled when you said that it's not really heater weather, and I looked down at my feet - I'm wearing two pairs of woolly socks. :D Then I remembered that you're going into summer now.. You lucky...! ;)

  3. Take care and hope youre better soon. Thanks the little sneaky peak of the jet cardi, cant wait!

  4. Ooh the jet cardigan looks great. Hope you are feeling better enough to enjoy your couch time.

  5. Jet cardi looks GREAT!

    Hope you feel better soon! Its' no fun being sick, even when you get time off work ;-)


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