Sunday, October 28, 2007

not an hour too soon!

Ah finally daylight saving time has arrived - I've really been hanging out for it this year (maybe it was June's danish midnight dusk that did it?)

I'm so excited about having some daylight hours to spend with my garden after I get home from work each day =)

This weekend we had our first taste of home grown strawberry goodness from my balcony garden mmmm sweeeeeet =)

I'm really excited about my garden this year - it is really growing great guns , and already is my best gardening effort yet.

As well as the strawberries (I have about 8 plants at various stages of development - hopefully to stagger the berry yield) I have parsley, sage, mint and thyme enough to be kitchen useful (don't worry, the rosemary is on its way!!).

A few weeks ago I put in snow pea and dwarf bean seeds, which seem to be almost doubling in size each day. I have never seen anything like the beans - I watered the seeds last Saturday morning and there was nothing there, by the time we got home from our Saturday movie/shopping expedition there were 7 plants at about 5cm tall each!!

I'm feeling somewhat less confident about the fate of my one cherry tomato, which is just starting to fruit, and one regular tomato, a chilli plant and about 8 capsicum seedlings.

We'll just wait and see how they go....
(and please don't anyone look at the daphne... =s)

There's also quite a bit of colour going on - pansies, petunias, alysium and (my fave) geraniums!!!

They make me feel kind of, well, European =) (no, really!!!)
I think in order to really European it up I just need some red and white, since both my parent plants are pink (I've taken at least 20 cuttings from each - its so easy!!)

The floral theme has flowed on into the much discussed but as yet unrevealed sewing - I thought I'd have a finished dress tonight but I got the wrong size zip =(
I'm happy enough that the fit is good to start on the next though =) huzzah

eeeek, this year's daylight saving has certainly come in with a bang - the storming tonight is getting nuts, and in the interest of my computer's safety I think its time to unplug for the sake of lighting power surge protection =s

Hope your garden's getting wet! =D

besos =)


  1. oh i love balcony gardens! Aren't beans impressive? I'll be interested to see how you go with capsicums. Mine failed last year. I think they are a tad tricky.

  2. Oh, your garden is looking just lovely, well done! Yum!


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