Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Helloo! Hopefully by the time this post goes to air I will be very nearly landed in Copenhagen!

Now, as a knitter, when packing for a holiday its always fun to plan which project should come alone for the trip. And, believe it or not (ha!), all I can think about is mittens!!

I've narrowed it down to three contenders (in order of increasing yarn weight)...

Snowbird Mittens

Herringbone mittens

Bulky fliptop mittens I think I'd make the tops flipless though

I think the plan will be to go with the snowbirds, up the top there, since our holiday will be so snowy, but at the same time now I think about it 'herring'bone mittens seem very fitting for a trip to Denmark!

Eep! Looks like I'll be packing two and making up my mind later! (and keeping an eye out for a nice chuncky yearn for the bulky mitts haha)


Monday, December 27, 2010

winter holidays

Hooray! Today I'm off on my holiday to Europe - first stop Denmark!!

It has been a bit crazy here, with finishing up work (I'm off until the middle of Feb!!), and Christmas, and packing, but there are somethings that there is always time for! Like lightning trips to IKEA with friends! And last minute crafty projects!

Like these Danishy calico shopping bags I whipped up yesterday afternoon.
I'll admit they were a little bit of a cheat - the bags were ready made - but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Just right for carrying our Georg Jensen goodies, don't you think ;O)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Little red stitchyhood

In the lead-up to Christmas I was doing a little bit of sneaky secret stitching ...

It's little red stitchyhood (with a few of her redhooded friends)!

The pattern is from A Little Sweetness, and was lots of fun stitch.

I hope she'll be very happy in her new home with my sister! =)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas...

...from our (gingerbread) house to yours!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmassy skirts

Another quick Christmassy idea from last year's stash - festive skirts for your favourite little girl.

These were really quick and easy - just measure the length of elastic you want for the waist, multiply by about 1.5 for fullness and use that measurement to cut the cotton. From memory I did about 50cm for the elastic, so 75cm for the cotton. This was big enough that the skirts still fit this year, and are just so cute!
Then the elastic goes in a casing around the waist, and embellish to your heart's content! This little gingerbread man is felt, with real buttons.

I actually made a matching gingerbread one for myself using green cotton and my favourite gored-skirt 'pattern', but now seeing these pics again I'm tempted to go all out with some polka dots and ric-rac for myself too!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas in a jar

Here's a quick cute Christmassy present idea I came across last year... cookies in a jar!

Apologies for the less than excellent photo, but I probably finished putting these together some time around midnight the day before I gifted them (apparently last minute is just how I roll) - the photos over at Bakerella are much nicer!

The recipe for the jar on the left in the pic is that same Bakerella one, but I used green and red m&ms, and also threw in some crushed candy canes.

Of course you can use any recipe you like, just as long as it is a recipe where you can mix all your dry bits together, and then add the wet (so nothing that needs you to cream butter and sugar first). For the second jar I wanted a recipe that could be rolled out and cut with cutters, so I used a recipe I found in an old magazine for dutch speculaas biscuits which I just can't find now, but was something like this (sans the candied peel).

Once you have a recipe picked out putting together your cookie jar is easy! Just layer your ingredients into a jar, with the finer things (like flour) at the very bottom (otherwise they've sneak down through your coarser layers). Then attach a label with instructions to let the recipient know how to make their cookies - the Bakerella recipe has printable labels you can download from the website, but I just wrote it out on some card and decorated with stickers!
I added a big red ribbon, and gifted them with some Christmassy cookie cutters and a new wooden spoon!

Speaking of lovely! Only 2 weeks until we arrive in Denmark, and check out this satellite photo!

pic from the TV2 weather website!

Pretty, ja?!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

new cookies

We had a Christmas morning tea at work yesterday - the perfect excuse to try some new baked goodies!

Like these triple chocolate Christmas pudding cookies:

I found the recipe here - they were super simple, and it was the most delicious chocolate biscuit dough ever!

I've also been having a little play with my favourite shortbread recipe -

I've also tried a chocolate covered version - I'm not sure whether to leave them basic like this, or add more detail... I think there might be another batch of these before I'm done ;o)


Friday, December 10, 2010

baby it's cold

Ok, Michelle beat me to it, but I just can't resist sharing this one too - you know Christmas with Dino is my favourite, and I think this number might just be even better glee-ified!


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

In December I am reading...

This month I'm getting into the Christmassy spirit by reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

I haven't read it before, but of course am very familiar with the story - in fact we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol as a warm up on the weekend!

Do you have a favourite Christmassy story? Or is there something new you've got your eye on that you've asked Santa to bring? We'd love to hear - join our bloggy bookclub by leaving a comment, or blogging and adding a link below!

enjoy your reading! x

Thursday, December 02, 2010

creative space :: inviting

I have to admit that haven't done a whole lot of paper crafting in the past, but when I decided to hold a little Christmassy get-together I just couldn't resist making my own invites to post out!

The gingerbread men are cut out of felt, and it was the perfect excuse to use my lovely red & white string!

Check out loads more creative spaces at kootoyoo


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bienvenidos a December!

Hooray - it's December!
At the end of the month I'm off on holidays to Denmark, which currently looks something like this...

Also, like this! Gorgeous!!!

I can't wait! =)