winter holidays

Hooray! Today I'm off on my holiday to Europe - first stop Denmark!!

It has been a bit crazy here, with finishing up work (I'm off until the middle of Feb!!), and Christmas, and packing, but there are somethings that there is always time for! Like lightning trips to IKEA with friends! And last minute crafty projects!

Like these Danishy calico shopping bags I whipped up yesterday afternoon.
I'll admit they were a little bit of a cheat - the bags were ready made - but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Just right for carrying our Georg Jensen goodies, don't you think ;O)


  1. Bon Voyage ikea chick! Have a GREAT time...will you be posting from abroad?

  2. Yep, hope you have a wonderful time! Love those shopping bags - perfect for Georg Jensen AND Lego AND Rice!!!!


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