Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Helloo! Hopefully by the time this post goes to air I will be very nearly landed in Copenhagen!

Now, as a knitter, when packing for a holiday its always fun to plan which project should come alone for the trip. And, believe it or not (ha!), all I can think about is mittens!!

I've narrowed it down to three contenders (in order of increasing yarn weight)...

Snowbird Mittens

Herringbone mittens

Bulky fliptop mittens I think I'd make the tops flipless though

I think the plan will be to go with the snowbirds, up the top there, since our holiday will be so snowy, but at the same time now I think about it 'herring'bone mittens seem very fitting for a trip to Denmark!

Eep! Looks like I'll be packing two and making up my mind later! (and keeping an eye out for a nice chuncky yearn for the bulky mitts haha)


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  1. Man! I miss you already! Hope you had a lovely safe trip and Copenhagen is lovely and snowy and still Christmassy!

    We are expecting 34 degrees by Thursday! Last night (Monday) it was 6 degrees. Nuts!

    Anyway, I approve of all three mitteny choices. Especially the first two. Super especially the herringbone ones! WOuld be lovely in red and white, don't you think?

    (ha ha - word verification is "cessbag"! WHAT IS BLOGGER TRYING TO TELL ME????)


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