Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas in a jar

Here's a quick cute Christmassy present idea I came across last year... cookies in a jar!

Apologies for the less than excellent photo, but I probably finished putting these together some time around midnight the day before I gifted them (apparently last minute is just how I roll) - the photos over at Bakerella are much nicer!

The recipe for the jar on the left in the pic is that same Bakerella one, but I used green and red m&ms, and also threw in some crushed candy canes.

Of course you can use any recipe you like, just as long as it is a recipe where you can mix all your dry bits together, and then add the wet (so nothing that needs you to cream butter and sugar first). For the second jar I wanted a recipe that could be rolled out and cut with cutters, so I used a recipe I found in an old magazine for dutch speculaas biscuits which I just can't find now, but was something like this (sans the candied peel).

Once you have a recipe picked out putting together your cookie jar is easy! Just layer your ingredients into a jar, with the finer things (like flour) at the very bottom (otherwise they've sneak down through your coarser layers). Then attach a label with instructions to let the recipient know how to make their cookies - the Bakerella recipe has printable labels you can download from the website, but I just wrote it out on some card and decorated with stickers!
I added a big red ribbon, and gifted them with some Christmassy cookie cutters and a new wooden spoon!

Speaking of lovely! Only 2 weeks until we arrive in Denmark, and check out this satellite photo!

pic from the TV2 weather website!

Pretty, ja?!


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  1. They look awesome! I think they would make great neighbour/teacher/colleague gifts. Love the christmassy background too - very cute!


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