Saturday, March 31, 2007

to market, to market

The Boy is at uni during the day both days this weekend so this morning I decided to take advantage of the combination of:

  • the alarm going off at 7:30
  • not having to go anywhere
  • having the morning to myself
  • to walk over to exhibition park and peruse the farmers market.

We had been through in a hurry last week, but I was keen to have a better look around myself - and there is certainly lots to look at! (and lots of people looking!) =)

The farmers market is just how it sounds - farmers from the region come with truckloads of fresh fruit and vegetable produce which they sell directly to the customer. Today I saw a guy who had giant squash (you know the little yellow ones) which were the same size as the minature pumpkins =)

Besides fruit and vege there's also a variety of plants (herb/vege/floral) for the garden, and all sorts of homemade preserves etc.
These chilli plants and herbs are all grown outdoors, rather in greenhouses, so that they're used to Canberra's sometimes plant unfriendly climate.

Then there's the bakers with all kinds of delish fresh bread, and a some local coffee
roasters with espresso machines so you can have a cup of coffee then, or take beans home for later, and the nut guy with garlic peanuts, vienna almonds (I love vienna almonds!) and maple pecans.

Speaking of sweets, the fudge people are there too =)
- all this time I thought I had to go all the way to the bus depot markets to get my hand on some of that sweet sweet lavender & macadamia fudge!

Along with stuff to take home there are also a couple of areas set up where you can sit down for a coffee and something to eat.

There's a guys who makes some kind of frozen banana thing - he freezer the bananas then squashes them or something and they come out like softserve icecream.
Apparently its really good (if you're into banana-ey stuff).

Someone else makes "stick-bikkies" - dutch stroopwafel, which are wafery waffley kind of biscuits filled with caramely syrupy goodness and are delish still warm.

There's also an african stall where they sell little savoury and sweet fried polenta cakes, and an asian stall where you can get black sticky rice or something wrapped in banana leaf (mmm very mysterious!).

My favourites are the pancake people - $5 gets you two enormous fluffy pancakes with a choice of topping (I chose the soup ladle of maple syrup!)

I did manage to fill up my hawks shopping bag with goodies to bring home (and it was definately a good idea to only take $25 with me! There's so much you could buy!), and pick up a couple of plants too =)

- french lavender (I have english and hidcote varieties on the balcony already), and
- chocolate mint - hey, with a name like that how could you not?! (And look at it with its octopus arms it looks so excited to have a new home!)

Inside the bag (oooh, its like being on Ready Steady Cook.
The real one though, on the BBC.
With Ainsley and Antony, and James and *sigh* Gino =))

Ummmm, ooh, yes in the bag.
I've got:

  • marinated kalamata olives (I didn't know we did local olives, but there were a couple of stalls, selling olives as well as olive trees and oil),
  • fudge (lavender & macadamia, jersey caramel and latte),
  • tamari almonds (tamari sauce is kind of like soy, so these guys come out salty and a bit sweet or smoky or something),
  • corn on the cob (I love fresh corn on the cob!),
  • eggplant, and
  • date paste. (yes date paste. stop sniggering. I'm talking to you, yes, you know who you are.)

This afternoon I've got footy cupcakes on the go - pics tomorrow, I hope =)

besos =)

back to greet me like an old friend

Oooooh yes - footy's on, footy's here again!
Last night was bounce-off for season 07 (the year of the mighty hawk?), and boy were the Boy and I ready!

Beers were chilled, pies warmed (traditionally it should really go the other way...), sherrin pumped and book of stats at hand.

(there was a brief moment of panic re: sauce. As if I would forget to by the sauce for pie night!!!)

And oooh the excitement!

We saw both goal of the year (Russell) and mark of the year (Neita) (and fashion statement of the year) in the first game of the year!

(well, the mark was pretty good, but Russ is definately in with a good chance with a goal scored while lying on the ground with his opposition player on top of him!!)

I also started my 'footy-granny-along'.
Since both teams feature red, and the Saints also have the back, I started with the bombers.
I think I'm just going to keep going in squares like that, rather than making little squares to join.

Tonight, though, is the big one - the Hawks first run for the year.

Since it is only on Foxtel, which we don't have at home (yet ;)) we'll head out for dinner somewhere we can watch.

That also means pub schnitzel - so everyone's a winner!!!

besos =)
(and go the hawks!!)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

cuidado con mi corazon

Ok, one fab knitty mitty pattern (corazon) - check
zhivago in a delish deep red (colourway 4433) - check
double pointed needles in 3.25 and 3.5 - check (gracias a Liv)
gauge - CHECK (hurrah!)
I'mmmmmmmmmmm ready =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

three times the smarts

yay - all the knitting on the top secret rbpm is done.
I'll have this weekend for finishing, then it's, well, finished =)

I love rbpm.
I think I'll start one for myself soon =)
Here it is all cast off

As well as being gorgeous, rbpm taught me three things on the weekend:

1) three needle bind-off.

The only way of describing my first few tries of this one is that it was like trying to eat mini-m&ms right-handed with chopsticks. =S

2) applied i-cord (click for a fab tutorial!) =)

This is so cool - probably the coolest knitting thing I know how to do.
Check out how nice it makes my edge!

3) regular i-cord

Could I be the only knitter in the universe to try the applied kind first?
Also mightly cool, super quick and easy =)

Now I just have a little bit of sewing to do, then its done =)
In time for my visit home at Easter

This also means I can now cast-on a new 'bus' project.
I have something in mind - some very pretty mittens =)

besos =)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A bunch of Harlots

Canberra knitters represent at the Harlot Happening!
(and do these ladies know how to represent!!?!)

There were hats:

- about 20 completed and donated by knitters

- then there was enough yarn to make 4 more beanies,
plus the 'Christmas Pudding' beanie

See, everyone gets to knit one row - kinda like everyone gets a stir of the Christmas pudding. (or, you know, that thing about the town bike....)

Then there were prizes!
Prizes for everyone!

Ahhhh that there is 100% merino, hand spun, hand painted yarn in the colourway 'wizz bang' from Sheepy Chic (there's a link there to the Sheepy Chic shop - you know you want to !)
Isn't it beautiful????
I honestly have no idea what I am going to do with it, other that keeping it somewhere that I can look at it all the time, and pat it. (hellooo 'pet yarn'!)

Then there are the Brittany needles, "made in Northern Carolina of sustainably harvested birch hardwood."
Let me tell you, these babies are super light and boy are they smooooooth!!

Under the goodies you can see the puzzles page.
We had match the finished object photo to the pattern and 'mystery yarn' - just by feeling determine the yarn composition and ply (with bonus points for details like the brand or line of yarn ... or colour... hmm)

Oh, and the crossword!
You can crossword too - just head over to Jejune's place - its all electronic! (isn't technology fabulous?!!)

You can also check out Bells Knits (Bells was 'live blogging' during the evening!) for more details and pics.

Cash-wise we raised about $120 which will be donated (along with the 25 beanies!!!!!) to the Garema Place soup kitchen.

Beautiful new pet yarn and helping to keep those in need warm and fed?

Pretty cool, huh?

besos =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This evening I had the pleasure of dining with Bertie

The creatures of habit we are, we decided to eat at Wagamama (hey, that's only our last three dinners in a row, and its good ok!)

Tonight was a little different though, since it was the first time I have managed to photograph dinner =) (usually I get so excited when those sweet potato kusabi arrive that I forget because I just can't wait!!)

Tonight I had

  • the sweet potato kusabi (chips - my fave!)
  • and
  • teriyaki beef

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm deeeelish!

besos =)


Check out this progress shot of rbpm, looking good, hey?

I spread it out on the couch last night to measure, since it must just about be the right length.

Oh yeah - only about 3cm to go!

But wait, what's that?

Do you see it, 'cos now it's all I see...

Have a closer look (psssst inside the circle)


One lousy extra row of red purl.


Ofcourse I had to tink it back to fix (like I said, it's all I could see!)

That took me until just now! =(

So here I am, 24 hours later, and instead of being done with the knitty part I'm even further back than I was this time yesterday!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just chillin'

Ok, the movers have been and I'm very excited!
Look what we've got now:

A fridge! hurrah!

And it even fits in the fridge hole place!

I couldn't watch while the guy put it in - I was soo nervous that it wouldn't fit, even though we'd each measured it like a bajillion times (or more)

and it even has a freezer!

With icecream!! (as well as various other frozen food stuff, some identifiable some not so...)
Still in the whitegoods department, there's also the washing machine! (which the moving guys were kind enough to connect up for me =))

I have never ever been so motivated to do a load of washing - lucky I talked the Boy out of doing it all yesterday =)

Then there's the study - taa daa

Unfortunately this room is set out in a way that makes it a little difficult to furnish - one wall has the door, one the built-in wardrobe and another the sliding door out to the back balcony.
This doesn't really leave much wall space for having furniture against it, and the room is really too small to have the bed in the middle unless it's the only thing in there.

I think it will work really well like this, with the bed alongside the glass sliding door, though.
(the movers were pretty sure I wasn't going to fit the bed and the desk, so I had to try as soon as they had left - and it kept me occupied while I waited to be able to turn on the fridge lol)

I really like it - the wood is nice against that green, and the bed head looks great with the black and white shots above it (they're some the Boy took and processed at school) =)

Can't you just picture us sitting out on the front balcony, enjoying the afternoon sun and sipping a chardonnay (it's french guys, the 'h' is silent hehe)?

(Ok, this one may not be permanent. The Boy isn't really sure if we should have it, but I convinced him that since we had the movers coming anyway we should just move it so we don't have to do it later, and if someone else does end up having it, they can just as easily collect it here as from his mum's place. Hopefully now its here it will stay =))

At first I had pictured having my herbs and some seating on the back balcony, but the front seems to get much more sun (I think it faces about west northwest? In anycase, it's sunny in the afternoon)

Ofcourse, if it's too cold to sit outside, we now also have two sofa/futon beds in the living room.

I think we will probably switch their places - the reddish one is a bit wider, and there is more room behind the pale one.

I love the art in the living room - it's by local Canberra artist Chris Moore - she's fabulous!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some washing to do =)


Visual DNA

I saw this at Erica's blog, and had to have a try - very cool =)

What's your visual DNA?

besos =)

Canberra Knitters

For the very first time I went with Liv to S'n'B on Sunday.

I had a really great time, and met some fabulous and talented knitters (including the tres artistic Jejune, who has just started an online Knitting Art store where you can pick up knitter's notebooks, totes and other products printed with her knitting art - seriously too cute!)

I got quite a bit done on the rbpm (on a totally unrelated subject, don't you think Betty looks smashing in that poncho? hehe), I'm hoping to finish the knitting bit this week so I can finish the finishing bits in time for seeing our Betty at Easter time.

Right now I'm playing the waiting game with the movers, they will call the Boy about an hour before they are due to arrive - which should be between 1 and 2 (hello, have these people never heard of Oprah???)

The actual moving shouldn't take much time - we just need to move the fridge and washing machine, Boy's bed and desk, couch and garden seat.

The rest of the week looks busy-ish:

Dining (possibly like a punkrocker) with Bertie tomorrow,

then, on Thurday, Liv and I are going to the Harlot Happening, an event organised by some of the girls from the Canberra Knitters, in support of the Yarn Harlot's Represent tour (which involves filling NYC with knitters and socks in progress, to show that there are lots of knitters out there! - apparently this is hard for non-knitters to grasp - read about it here. =) (YH puts it much better that I ever could...)

besos =)

btw I think days off work are more fun if there's someone to make your coffee and french raisin toast for you...

Monday, March 19, 2007

A little Project Spectrum colour...

Your Brain is Orange

Of all the brain types, yours is the quickest.
You are usually thinking a mile a minute, and you could be thinking about anything at all.
Your thoughts are often scattered and random - but they're also a lot of fun!

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about esoteric subjects, the meaning of life, and pop culture.

Your Hair Should Be Pink

Hyper, insane, and a boatload of fun.
You're a traveling party that everyone loves to follow.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

mmmm lime coconut and white chocolate with lime icing

Friday, March 16, 2007

What they say about us

well, what they say about themselves....
Red Riders, actually, to be more specific, Canberra's own Adrian Deutsch of the Red Riders, is interviewed in this month's mag magazine, yours free from your local jb hifi store.


Very exciting - we picked one up for his mum too, just incase he doesn't pass it on!

As for me what they say about me is that I'm just a little too excited about the fact that we have a long weekend this weekend, and let me tell you, it's true!
It's all true!!

I'm v happy about the prospect of having three days stretched out in front of me, wait, make that four days (yipeee - I'm taking Tuesday too!!), to spend at my lesuire as I see fit with no regard to what others think about staying at home in my PJs watching tv all day.... or whatever!

Here's some of my plans for the weekend, although, just so you know, I'm not making plans this weekend, these are more like vague notions of activities I may or may not decide to undertake this weekend.

Top of my list is some quality time with two of my vbfs (very bestest friends) - Veronica and Oprah!!

I have 4 episodes of Veronica at my disposal right now, and two more if I should so desire.

And, of course, two weekdays at home = two eps of Oprah!

On Monday Oprah is going to share a secret that will change my life!

Then, on Tuesday, Bob Greene is going to teach us how to lose those last nagging twenty pounds!!!

Ahhh Oprah!
Where would we be without you?

Also on 'the list' are:

  • lime & coconut cupcakes

  • stitch 'n' bitch with Liv (thanks Liv!!=))

  • possible dinner & footy watching with J-Mo and B-Ro

  • a little bit of attention for my herb garden

  • a lot of attention for the rbpm

And that's it.

What more coud I possibly need?

besos! =)

btw, the balloons were captured on Thursday from just outside my work building - which I dont have to see again til Wednesday! jipa!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Much excitement chez kuka tonight, with the Australian debut of the Danish crime series Oernen - the Eagle.

The series is made by the same guys responsible for Unit One (the 3rd volume of which came out on dvd on Tuesday!), and won the 2005 Emmy for international drama series (or something....)

In any case, I thought it was fab!

It didn't star Mads Mikkelsen (unusual for a Danish production! hehe), however I think David Owe might be one to watch. (and I mean that literally - he's definately kinda dreamy...)

In other bird related excitement, we finally visited the new Nando's 'restaurant' (and I use the term loosely...) last week with B-Ro, before the Red Riders gig.

To be quite honest I was pretty disappointed - the 'meals' were a little bit of chicken but mostly chips, didn't include a drink and were fairly 'x-ey' (over $10).

I did, however, like the fact that they had corn on the cob, which you can order as an extra side or in the place of the chips.

Seriously though, for somewhere which is pretty much a glorified take-away I thought it was a bit much that it cost over $35 for the two of us to get dinner =S

Oooh, I'm soo excited about Koko Black opening - it will redeem any failings of the new restaurants - and, anyway, who needs dinner when there's Koko Black for dessert??

besos =)

btw, for a sneak preview of Koko Black-y goodness, check out Beauzo's review =)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday

Ok, it may seem like I'm a day behind, but, well, ok yes I am =s

But still, I have two HAPPY BIRTHDAYs:

First my sister Betty, who knows I'm working away on something exciting for her, and let's just say a certain spongey someone may make an appearance =)


btw I didn't forget - see, I even had a drink for you - strawberry vanilla martini mmmm delish ;)

Also yesterday was Canberra's 94th birthday!

Hip hip .... hurrah =p

The whole Canberra day thing is kind of odd this year, the actual anniversary of the founding of Canberra is March 12.

Which being a Monday this year would be perfect for a public holiday.
But somehow the actual holiday worked out to be next week on the 19th.

All of the celebratory events were this weekend - including the 'celebrate in the park' concert being on Sunday (a school night!!), presumably because Skyfire (which this year featured Anthony Callea! - not a word from you Beauzo, or I'll have to bring up the Reese thing - hmm Jake's dvd collection is looking more and more like mine, don't you think? hehe) had dibs on the Saturday.

I'm sure it doesn't usually work out this way....
We figure they decided to have the stuff not on the long weekend since hardly anyone hangs around here on long weekends - everyone races to the coast - especially now it is starting to cool down some.

We didn't make it to the concert this year (on account of the exhausting weekend - well, ok, and the school night part...), but we did celebrate with "Happy Birthday Canberra" choc-peppermint cupcakes - inspired by that wonderful example of geometrics that is Australia's Parliament House.

Mmmm politics never tasted so good =)


(btw apparently the government has just twigged to the weirdness of the dates - I just came across this press release dated today...)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

sweet sweet daylight

A picture's worth a thousand words, right?
'Cos tonight I've got some pictures, but I'm not sure I have all of the words to go with them, so lets just see if they can speak mostly for themselves.....

On Thursday night the Boy and I (along with J-Mo's boy - let's just call him B-Ro. Just because it amuses me..) went to the Red Riders gig at ANU. It had been postphoned by a week on account of the hailstorm, putting it on an evening when J-Mo was not available - hence the not quite double date.

The gig was, as usual, great fun =)
The guys have been touring with their first album - Replica Replica.
This was the first gig of theirs we have been to where they were headliners rather than support.

It was also the first time that we have noticed people who pushed their way to the front of the stage, who knew all the words and who weren't friends of ours!!
(That part was actually kind of weird...hehe)

Next up the Red Riders will be supporting the Vines in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Friday was exciting for a whole other reason, but I'm gonna save that one up for its own post....

The weekend has been pretty crazy.
The Boy's mum's house has been sold, the settlement date is at the start of April, so we're in the process of going through all of the stuff there.
Yesterday we hosted an afternoon tea for some of her close friends, where they were invited to look through some of her things so they could have something that reminded them of her.

It was a really good idea, I think.
About 12 or so people came, as well as her three sisters, which was really nice since a lot of people hadn't seen eachother since the funeral last November (aka the November of doom).
Most people were able to find a piece of jewellery which was special to them, and some also took pictures from the wall or pot plants from the courtyard garden.

There was lots of food.
I made cupcakes. (No, really!)
Choc and Raspberry-choc mudcupcakes.
With pink and choc icing.
There were lots of left overs of everything, which came in really handy for a sugar hit this afternoon as we tackled sorting through the kitchen and linen cupboards.

In two weeks time, we'll have a garage sale to get rid of books, records, kitchen stuff etc that no-one wants, then two weeks after that is the settlement.

Three cheers for a long weekend and nothing to do (well, nothing that I don't want to do =)) next week!!

besos =)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Knitty

oooh, spring Knitty is out today guys! =)
I'm kinda liking this cardie, although I would prefer a V kinda neck - more like this
I also like the idea of the asymmetrical split collar, but more fitted through the body.
I'm in two minds about the Paper bag, - like the shape, but not sure I'd knit it..

Along with these guys there's the usual feast of socks etc, including dashing, a more manly (as in male, not the beach) version of the famous fetching (which, I have to say, I happen to prefer - dashing over fetching that is. They almost have me tempted. Although if I was going to take that road I'd probably go with the Rose's as seen on Sticks and Tones. That could just be because Amanda's pic is so cool...)

besos =)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

if you can't stand the heat...

The last two days have been crazy warm here, but that didn't keep me out of the kitchen...

These guys are choca-mocha cupcakes from Susannah Blake's Cupcakes.

They are chocolates and coffee-ey and instead of choc chips they have chocolate-coated coffee beans through them.

mmmmm, caffeiney goodness =)
besos =)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pre-season training

Footy's on, footy's here again - well, sorta.

The pre-season competition has started, with the first 2 of 4 games that will be played in Canberra this season.

Last week we saw the Western Bulldogs have a win over the Swans.

It was looking like a nasty day, threatening to dump a thunderstorm at any minute. Luckily we got away with just drop or two of rain.

This week the game was between the Swans and the Tigers, with the Swans getting up by 19 points.

It was a much sunnier, warmer day (35C!), and probably a better game.
More of the Swans big name players had a run, including O'Loughlin and Everitt.

The next game will be part of the season proper, Swans and Bulldogs again, sometime in May.

All this footy has me in pre-season training mode, including inspiration for a new project.

I've been keen to start something which will move more quickly than the rbpm, as well as being more interesting that the granny-squares, so I've decided on a crochet-along of sorts.

Not is the sense of 'along' with actual other people (unless people are intersted?), more a spiritual kind of thing.

This is the "little old lady at the footy with her knitting/crochet" crochet-along, in honour of those die-hard little old lady footy fans who took their latest project along every week, sitting in the front row and knittng away rain hail or shine, and who I think are becoming less and less common these days.

I will work on two crocheted rugs - both will be giant granny squares (which may or may not end up being more interesting making a blanket out of lots of little ones...)

One rug will be in the colours of my favourite team - brown and gold (the Hawks) and the other in the colours of the Boy's team the Bombers (red and black). (There's out footy jumpers with the corresponding yarns.)

I'll have both rugs going at the same time, working on them while we watch games on TV. If we are watching the Hawks I'll work on the brown and gold, black and red when we're watching the Bombers. If neither team is playing in a game we watch I'll either work on the one which has a colour corresponding to one of the teams playing, or else work on which ever is falling behind the other (which is likely to be the Hawks on account of some teams getting better tv coverage than others. But that's a whole other issue.....)

The footy season doesn't start for a couple of weeks yet, so I'll be all ready for bounce off!

besos =)