Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pre-season training

Footy's on, footy's here again - well, sorta.

The pre-season competition has started, with the first 2 of 4 games that will be played in Canberra this season.

Last week we saw the Western Bulldogs have a win over the Swans.

It was looking like a nasty day, threatening to dump a thunderstorm at any minute. Luckily we got away with just drop or two of rain.

This week the game was between the Swans and the Tigers, with the Swans getting up by 19 points.

It was a much sunnier, warmer day (35C!), and probably a better game.
More of the Swans big name players had a run, including O'Loughlin and Everitt.

The next game will be part of the season proper, Swans and Bulldogs again, sometime in May.

All this footy has me in pre-season training mode, including inspiration for a new project.

I've been keen to start something which will move more quickly than the rbpm, as well as being more interesting that the granny-squares, so I've decided on a crochet-along of sorts.

Not is the sense of 'along' with actual other people (unless people are intersted?), more a spiritual kind of thing.

This is the "little old lady at the footy with her knitting/crochet" crochet-along, in honour of those die-hard little old lady footy fans who took their latest project along every week, sitting in the front row and knittng away rain hail or shine, and who I think are becoming less and less common these days.

I will work on two crocheted rugs - both will be giant granny squares (which may or may not end up being more interesting making a blanket out of lots of little ones...)

One rug will be in the colours of my favourite team - brown and gold (the Hawks) and the other in the colours of the Boy's team the Bombers (red and black). (There's out footy jumpers with the corresponding yarns.)

I'll have both rugs going at the same time, working on them while we watch games on TV. If we are watching the Hawks I'll work on the brown and gold, black and red when we're watching the Bombers. If neither team is playing in a game we watch I'll either work on the one which has a colour corresponding to one of the teams playing, or else work on which ever is falling behind the other (which is likely to be the Hawks on account of some teams getting better tv coverage than others. But that's a whole other issue.....)

The footy season doesn't start for a couple of weeks yet, so I'll be all ready for bounce off!

besos =)

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  1. I love your footy crafting idea. I would love to knit/crochet-along with you except that I hardly ever get around to sitting down and watching the games on telly. Gonna try to get to Melbourne for a weekend though (St Kilda & Collingwood games). It seems we are not footy compatible!


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