Thursday, March 15, 2007


Much excitement chez kuka tonight, with the Australian debut of the Danish crime series Oernen - the Eagle.

The series is made by the same guys responsible for Unit One (the 3rd volume of which came out on dvd on Tuesday!), and won the 2005 Emmy for international drama series (or something....)

In any case, I thought it was fab!

It didn't star Mads Mikkelsen (unusual for a Danish production! hehe), however I think David Owe might be one to watch. (and I mean that literally - he's definately kinda dreamy...)

In other bird related excitement, we finally visited the new Nando's 'restaurant' (and I use the term loosely...) last week with B-Ro, before the Red Riders gig.

To be quite honest I was pretty disappointed - the 'meals' were a little bit of chicken but mostly chips, didn't include a drink and were fairly 'x-ey' (over $10).

I did, however, like the fact that they had corn on the cob, which you can order as an extra side or in the place of the chips.

Seriously though, for somewhere which is pretty much a glorified take-away I thought it was a bit much that it cost over $35 for the two of us to get dinner =S

Oooh, I'm soo excited about Koko Black opening - it will redeem any failings of the new restaurants - and, anyway, who needs dinner when there's Koko Black for dessert??

besos =)

btw, for a sneak preview of Koko Black-y goodness, check out Beauzo's review =)

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  1. Oooh I'm a HUGE Unit One fan - wasn't Mads just divine - and a naughty boy :)


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