Thursday, March 22, 2007

A bunch of Harlots

Canberra knitters represent at the Harlot Happening!
(and do these ladies know how to represent!!?!)

There were hats:

- about 20 completed and donated by knitters

- then there was enough yarn to make 4 more beanies,
plus the 'Christmas Pudding' beanie

See, everyone gets to knit one row - kinda like everyone gets a stir of the Christmas pudding. (or, you know, that thing about the town bike....)

Then there were prizes!
Prizes for everyone!

Ahhhh that there is 100% merino, hand spun, hand painted yarn in the colourway 'wizz bang' from Sheepy Chic (there's a link there to the Sheepy Chic shop - you know you want to !)
Isn't it beautiful????
I honestly have no idea what I am going to do with it, other that keeping it somewhere that I can look at it all the time, and pat it. (hellooo 'pet yarn'!)

Then there are the Brittany needles, "made in Northern Carolina of sustainably harvested birch hardwood."
Let me tell you, these babies are super light and boy are they smooooooth!!

Under the goodies you can see the puzzles page.
We had match the finished object photo to the pattern and 'mystery yarn' - just by feeling determine the yarn composition and ply (with bonus points for details like the brand or line of yarn ... or colour... hmm)

Oh, and the crossword!
You can crossword too - just head over to Jejune's place - its all electronic! (isn't technology fabulous?!!)

You can also check out Bells Knits (Bells was 'live blogging' during the evening!) for more details and pics.

Cash-wise we raised about $120 which will be donated (along with the 25 beanies!!!!!) to the Garema Place soup kitchen.

Beautiful new pet yarn and helping to keep those in need warm and fed?

Pretty cool, huh?

besos =)


  1. Hey Kuka - great to see you and you are lucky getting the Brittanys. I'm a big fan. You'll have to let us know how you go with them.

    thanks for being part of our great night!

    ps I've fixed your link now!

  2. Hey it looks like it was a great get together. And congrats on raising all that money.

  3. Hey, hey Kuka!! It is such a chuff that you're loving your wizzbang!! Hehe.. I couldn't be happier than to help out you guys. I so wanted to be there. I guess Wizz Bang was my Proxy! All the best, Ruth.

  4. That was one of my favourite prizes of the night; so glad you like it.

  5. Hey Bron

    Great blog! Have you visited Cassidys yet? What did you buy?



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