Sunday, March 11, 2007

sweet sweet daylight

A picture's worth a thousand words, right?
'Cos tonight I've got some pictures, but I'm not sure I have all of the words to go with them, so lets just see if they can speak mostly for themselves.....

On Thursday night the Boy and I (along with J-Mo's boy - let's just call him B-Ro. Just because it amuses me..) went to the Red Riders gig at ANU. It had been postphoned by a week on account of the hailstorm, putting it on an evening when J-Mo was not available - hence the not quite double date.

The gig was, as usual, great fun =)
The guys have been touring with their first album - Replica Replica.
This was the first gig of theirs we have been to where they were headliners rather than support.

It was also the first time that we have noticed people who pushed their way to the front of the stage, who knew all the words and who weren't friends of ours!!
(That part was actually kind of weird...hehe)

Next up the Red Riders will be supporting the Vines in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Friday was exciting for a whole other reason, but I'm gonna save that one up for its own post....

The weekend has been pretty crazy.
The Boy's mum's house has been sold, the settlement date is at the start of April, so we're in the process of going through all of the stuff there.
Yesterday we hosted an afternoon tea for some of her close friends, where they were invited to look through some of her things so they could have something that reminded them of her.

It was a really good idea, I think.
About 12 or so people came, as well as her three sisters, which was really nice since a lot of people hadn't seen eachother since the funeral last November (aka the November of doom).
Most people were able to find a piece of jewellery which was special to them, and some also took pictures from the wall or pot plants from the courtyard garden.

There was lots of food.
I made cupcakes. (No, really!)
Choc and Raspberry-choc mudcupcakes.
With pink and choc icing.
There were lots of left overs of everything, which came in really handy for a sugar hit this afternoon as we tackled sorting through the kitchen and linen cupboards.

In two weeks time, we'll have a garage sale to get rid of books, records, kitchen stuff etc that no-one wants, then two weeks after that is the settlement.

Three cheers for a long weekend and nothing to do (well, nothing that I don't want to do =)) next week!!

besos =)

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