Friday, March 16, 2007

What they say about us

well, what they say about themselves....
Red Riders, actually, to be more specific, Canberra's own Adrian Deutsch of the Red Riders, is interviewed in this month's mag magazine, yours free from your local jb hifi store.


Very exciting - we picked one up for his mum too, just incase he doesn't pass it on!

As for me what they say about me is that I'm just a little too excited about the fact that we have a long weekend this weekend, and let me tell you, it's true!
It's all true!!

I'm v happy about the prospect of having three days stretched out in front of me, wait, make that four days (yipeee - I'm taking Tuesday too!!), to spend at my lesuire as I see fit with no regard to what others think about staying at home in my PJs watching tv all day.... or whatever!

Here's some of my plans for the weekend, although, just so you know, I'm not making plans this weekend, these are more like vague notions of activities I may or may not decide to undertake this weekend.

Top of my list is some quality time with two of my vbfs (very bestest friends) - Veronica and Oprah!!

I have 4 episodes of Veronica at my disposal right now, and two more if I should so desire.

And, of course, two weekdays at home = two eps of Oprah!

On Monday Oprah is going to share a secret that will change my life!

Then, on Tuesday, Bob Greene is going to teach us how to lose those last nagging twenty pounds!!!

Ahhh Oprah!
Where would we be without you?

Also on 'the list' are:

  • lime & coconut cupcakes

  • stitch 'n' bitch with Liv (thanks Liv!!=))

  • possible dinner & footy watching with J-Mo and B-Ro

  • a little bit of attention for my herb garden

  • a lot of attention for the rbpm

And that's it.

What more coud I possibly need?

besos! =)

btw, the balloons were captured on Thursday from just outside my work building - which I dont have to see again til Wednesday! jipa!


  1. I'd be saving those Veronicas for a little while Kuka...Kit and I have been watching them on YouTube, and are up to episode 16. Unfortunately, the program is doing its stupid hiatus thing, so theres no more VMars until May!! Plus there's more talk about it getting canned again :( Fingers crossed its all another big, VMars joke (you Beaver being dead and a psycho and everything...cos he's totally not)

  2. Following up on that last comment, it seems we need to get those "Save Veronica"-email-typing-fingers ready again, if this is anything to go by. What are they planning? CSI:VM?!!

  3. hehe, yeah, I read about that hey. Don't tell anyone this, but perhaps Veronica belongs in highschool?
    90210 was never as cool after they graduated.
    Ditto Buffy.
    Just saying, you know...


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