Wednesday, March 28, 2007

three times the smarts

yay - all the knitting on the top secret rbpm is done.
I'll have this weekend for finishing, then it's, well, finished =)

I love rbpm.
I think I'll start one for myself soon =)
Here it is all cast off

As well as being gorgeous, rbpm taught me three things on the weekend:

1) three needle bind-off.

The only way of describing my first few tries of this one is that it was like trying to eat mini-m&ms right-handed with chopsticks. =S

2) applied i-cord (click for a fab tutorial!) =)

This is so cool - probably the coolest knitting thing I know how to do.
Check out how nice it makes my edge!

3) regular i-cord

Could I be the only knitter in the universe to try the applied kind first?
Also mightly cool, super quick and easy =)

Now I just have a little bit of sewing to do, then its done =)
In time for my visit home at Easter

This also means I can now cast-on a new 'bus' project.
I have something in mind - some very pretty mittens =)

besos =)


  1. Congrats on nearly finishing your secret project! With the i-cord edge, is it sewn on, or knitted on as you make the i-cord? Looks very neat, regardless :D

  2. thanks jejune =)
    It's knitted on as you make the i-cord - very clever!
    I've linked it to the tutorial now =)

  3. The icord edge looks great. I'm a big fan of icord but haven't tried applied icord edging yet.

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  5. Thank you for the link. I am keen to give it a try.


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