Saturday, March 31, 2007

back to greet me like an old friend

Oooooh yes - footy's on, footy's here again!
Last night was bounce-off for season 07 (the year of the mighty hawk?), and boy were the Boy and I ready!

Beers were chilled, pies warmed (traditionally it should really go the other way...), sherrin pumped and book of stats at hand.

(there was a brief moment of panic re: sauce. As if I would forget to by the sauce for pie night!!!)

And oooh the excitement!

We saw both goal of the year (Russell) and mark of the year (Neita) (and fashion statement of the year) in the first game of the year!

(well, the mark was pretty good, but Russ is definately in with a good chance with a goal scored while lying on the ground with his opposition player on top of him!!)

I also started my 'footy-granny-along'.
Since both teams feature red, and the Saints also have the back, I started with the bombers.
I think I'm just going to keep going in squares like that, rather than making little squares to join.

Tonight, though, is the big one - the Hawks first run for the year.

Since it is only on Foxtel, which we don't have at home (yet ;)) we'll head out for dinner somewhere we can watch.

That also means pub schnitzel - so everyone's a winner!!!

besos =)
(and go the hawks!!)


  1. Carn hard...oh c' can't be serioussss...arrgggg!!..$%^&* umpires.. (hehe...almost time to stop falling over cricket bats and stumps just outside my back door and start washing footy jumpers and yelling "Not insssiiiidddeee - balls outside!!!!" Ruth..

  2. Footy is a totally closed book to me (I'm a Cricket girl, and even then not frightfully into sports) - but it sounds like you're having a wonderful time - hope your team wins! Glad you didn't forget the dead horse! :D

    (For your non-Aussie readers, 'Dead Horse' is rhyming slang for 'Tomato Sauce' = ketchup)

  3. Not the best start for the Hawks but I am sure they will be better this week against the Demons.


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