Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just chillin'

Ok, the movers have been and I'm very excited!
Look what we've got now:

A fridge! hurrah!

And it even fits in the fridge hole place!

I couldn't watch while the guy put it in - I was soo nervous that it wouldn't fit, even though we'd each measured it like a bajillion times (or more)

and it even has a freezer!

With icecream!! (as well as various other frozen food stuff, some identifiable some not so...)
Still in the whitegoods department, there's also the washing machine! (which the moving guys were kind enough to connect up for me =))

I have never ever been so motivated to do a load of washing - lucky I talked the Boy out of doing it all yesterday =)

Then there's the study - taa daa

Unfortunately this room is set out in a way that makes it a little difficult to furnish - one wall has the door, one the built-in wardrobe and another the sliding door out to the back balcony.
This doesn't really leave much wall space for having furniture against it, and the room is really too small to have the bed in the middle unless it's the only thing in there.

I think it will work really well like this, with the bed alongside the glass sliding door, though.
(the movers were pretty sure I wasn't going to fit the bed and the desk, so I had to try as soon as they had left - and it kept me occupied while I waited to be able to turn on the fridge lol)

I really like it - the wood is nice against that green, and the bed head looks great with the black and white shots above it (they're some the Boy took and processed at school) =)

Can't you just picture us sitting out on the front balcony, enjoying the afternoon sun and sipping a chardonnay (it's french guys, the 'h' is silent hehe)?

(Ok, this one may not be permanent. The Boy isn't really sure if we should have it, but I convinced him that since we had the movers coming anyway we should just move it so we don't have to do it later, and if someone else does end up having it, they can just as easily collect it here as from his mum's place. Hopefully now its here it will stay =))

At first I had pictured having my herbs and some seating on the back balcony, but the front seems to get much more sun (I think it faces about west northwest? In anycase, it's sunny in the afternoon)

Ofcourse, if it's too cold to sit outside, we now also have two sofa/futon beds in the living room.

I think we will probably switch their places - the reddish one is a bit wider, and there is more room behind the pale one.

I love the art in the living room - it's by local Canberra artist Chris Moore - she's fabulous!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some washing to do =)



  1. enjoy your new fridge! thanks for the compliment on Sahara - i'm really pleased with how it came out :)

  2. I'm a Chris Moore fan too! I have a small collage by her hanging next to our front door.

    I'm a collage artist too, and she came over some years ago to chat and share books - lovely lady :)

    Congrats on the new fridge - something I've never owned in my life (they're always second-hand oldies).

  3. I've been there - will the fridge fit moments are scary!!

    Did we meet on Sunday? I'm trying to remember! Either way, see you at the Harlot Happening!

  4. yeah, our fridge is second-hand - just new to us and very exciting since we have been living out of a bar fridge for a few months =)

  5. Looks hella cute Kuka. And i really like those pics that Sam did...tres classy :)
    Hope the new place and all the new furnishings are going well. Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory when we come back to sunny C-Town


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