Saturday, October 30, 2010

Canberra International Film Festival

This week the 2010 CIFF began - it runs for about 2 weeks.

We've got memberships and tickets to see 5 different films - I can't wait! =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spring-time cuppies

A week or two ago I bought new daisy and leaf cutter/veiners for making fondant flowers from Style Emporium, and this weekend's Brown Owls meet was the perfect excuse to try them out!

Spring-time mini-cuppies!

I love the flowers from the new cutter, but I have to say the little roses were my absolute favourite!

These roses are super easy - I can't remember where I first saw them (I used them on Dorothy's hat), but over the weekend I was inspired when I came across this tutorial on the absolutely gorgeous blog Cake Journal

There are loads of other tutorials on the blog that I just can't wait to try!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

my creative space :: lernen

My creative space today, and every Thursday evening for the next 8 weeks or so, looks like this...

After thinking for a long time about how much I'd like to study German I finally got myself organised and enrolled in a short course.

I was very excited today to have an excuse to buy some new stationery - look at that dotty note book! - and I even get to buy a text book! (yes, I miss text books!!

More creative spaces at Kootoyoo!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

1st birthday dress

Given my current obsession with these little reversible dresses, I would understand if you're getting a little bored with seeing them - but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop ;o)

I made this little dress for my tiny cousin,who celebrated her first birthday this week.

One side is pretty purple...

and the other is these lovely friendly skull and cross bones...
...complete with heart shaped eyes, fluttering eyelashes and darling pink bows. Ooh, and those dots - glitter. who designs these fabrics, I wonder? hehe

The pattern is New Look 6579, in the medium size, and (surprise) I have a couple more of these in different sizes up my sleeve ;o)


Monday, October 11, 2010


mmmm we love our weekend waffles chez kuka, and (despite being the creatures of habit that we are) over the years we have enjoyed trying a couple of different recipes - the best so far being Georgie's German waffles, and the recipe in my very favourite Essential Baking Cookbook.

On Saturday night I came across a gorgeous blog Under the Tulip Tree, which is written by Julie, the sister of one of my very most favourite bloggers Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy. As I was reading back a little on the blog I came across a post where Julie had shared her brother-in-law Andy's buttermilk waffles recipe, and I just couldn't resist trying them out on Sunday morning.

This recipe was super quick and simple - as Julie says in her post it took less time to mix up the batter than to heat up the waffle iron - only uses 2 eggs (important, since I always run out of eggs halfway through a batch of waffles!) and makes a great pile of waffles - we're having leftovers for dessert!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

baby boy blanky

More baby crafting this weekend (I just can't resist - it's all so little and cute!) - a snuggly little baby blanky for the boy my friend is expecting in early November.

This is flannel on one side, and polar fleece on the other - which is my go-to for new furry feline type babies, but which I have never actually done for a baby of the human variety ;o)

The squares were cut to 5 inches - some are from a charm pack I picked up last week, and the others are bits and pieces from my stash.

Mum-to-be hosted an afternoon-tea baby shower yesterday, and I had to share a cute decorating idea she found on Martha's website (natch!) - tissue paper pompoms.

Photo from Martha's how-to article on

She had 3 or 4 in beautiful bright colours hanging together, destined for baby's room, and they just looked so pretty! I think I might need a couple in the garden room for the summer =) (incidentally, I bought Jamie Durie's new magazine today, and there were some featured in one of his 'outdoor rooms' - retailing for $48! Outrageous!!)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

In October I am reading...

Well, after polishing off all 7 of the Tomorrow series books in August, September was much slower as far as reading, and I have only managed to make it a bit over half-way through the first of the Ellie Chronicles (the sequel series to the Tomorrow series).

The slow progress is mostly due to the fact that the book opens with something so shocking that I just had to take a little break before I continued reading (yes, I get unnaturally attached to my book characters - and I'm even worse with tv!), and once I did pick it back up again I have much of the story is quite slow (I guess by comparison with all of the action in the earlier series, and the drama of the opening) - but where I am up to at the moment things are just starting to heat up again, so this month I'll keep on with reading these guys!

Once I'm finished though I'll be keen for some ideas on what to read next (maybe the girl with the dragon tattoo series?), so I'd love to hear any recommendations!


If you'd like to join in our bloggy book club for October, with a post about what you've been reading at the moment, or what you're planning to get into next, please add your link below so we can pop around to see what you're up to!

Enjoy your reading!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

crafty weekend, baby

We took advantage of our second consecutive long weekend here by barely leaving the house for three day, most of which time I spent enjoying crafty pursuits. And with several friends' babies arriving, due or birthdaying at this time of year most of it was one of my very favourite - making little things for little ones!

Knitting cardies:

(same old pattern)

Sewing dresses:

(new but also old pattern)

I have plans on the radar for more baby socks and perhaps a blankie soon too =)


ooh, I haven't forgotten about my books - pop back in tomorrow or Thursday and I'll have the post up for October's "this month I am reading"!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Commonwealth curry night

You know I love to get into the foody spirit of things, so with today being the first day of competition at the Delhi Commonwealth Games I just couldn't resist cooking up an Indian feast...

Of course, some people might think that making beef vindaloo, butter chicken and lamb samosas (plus a roasted chickpea/almond mix based on this recipe, and papadums and rice to go with) is a bit over the top when there's just two of us - but Indian just isn't the same if you don't have a bunch of things to choose from, and I got to use the mango chutney I made in the summertime...

(plus, I won't have to cook dinner again for the rest of the week ;o))