Sunday, October 17, 2010

1st birthday dress

Given my current obsession with these little reversible dresses, I would understand if you're getting a little bored with seeing them - but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop ;o)

I made this little dress for my tiny cousin,who celebrated her first birthday this week.

One side is pretty purple...

and the other is these lovely friendly skull and cross bones...
...complete with heart shaped eyes, fluttering eyelashes and darling pink bows. Ooh, and those dots - glitter. who designs these fabrics, I wonder? hehe

The pattern is New Look 6579, in the medium size, and (surprise) I have a couple more of these in different sizes up my sleeve ;o)



  1. It's business on the outside, part on the inside!! It is very cute indeed, I can see why there could be a few more in the pipeline!!

  2. I remember buying my daughter a reversible dress when she was about 3 that was very fetching indeed. I LOVE these fabrics, I would wear that! (If it was much, much bigger). I think you should makes lots of them.


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