Thursday, October 21, 2010

my creative space :: lernen

My creative space today, and every Thursday evening for the next 8 weeks or so, looks like this...

After thinking for a long time about how much I'd like to study German I finally got myself organised and enrolled in a short course.

I was very excited today to have an excuse to buy some new stationery - look at that dotty note book! - and I even get to buy a text book! (yes, I miss text books!!

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  1. Wo ist Lumpi? Hier ist Lumpi!!
    Plotzlich kam die Polizei.

    There, four years of German and I can ask where Lumpi the dog is, and say the Police have arrived!! I wish you better luck!!!

  2. Mein fater's auto ist kaput! That is all I know and not even sure if I spelt it all right.

    Good on you for doing what you have always wanted to, and an added bonus of new stationary!

  3. Congratulations on enrolling in the course! And any excuse to buy new stationery is a good thing, in my books ;)

  4. Good luck and I hope you have fun doing it. Thoroughly agree that any excuse for new stationery is a good one! Do German's really call their dogs Lumpi?

  5. No. German don´t call their dogs Lumpi :)
    Funny to read that as a German.
    We call them like all the other people all over the world.
    Nice names but I don´t know any dog that is called Lumpi.
    So my cats name are Lionheart, Arthur, Madam Mim and Shirka- you see silly crazy names :)


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