Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spring-time cuppies

A week or two ago I bought new daisy and leaf cutter/veiners for making fondant flowers from Style Emporium, and this weekend's Brown Owls meet was the perfect excuse to try them out!

Spring-time mini-cuppies!

I love the flowers from the new cutter, but I have to say the little roses were my absolute favourite!

These roses are super easy - I can't remember where I first saw them (I used them on Dorothy's hat), but over the weekend I was inspired when I came across this tutorial on the absolutely gorgeous blog Cake Journal

There are loads of other tutorials on the blog that I just can't wait to try!


  1. I lurve your roses, they are fabulous and the daisies and leaves too. Very Springy!!

  2. Good grief. What gorgeous cakes! And I picked THAT Brown Owls to be a baby-cuddling weekend? I must have been nuts.


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