Thursday, October 07, 2010

In October I am reading...

Well, after polishing off all 7 of the Tomorrow series books in August, September was much slower as far as reading, and I have only managed to make it a bit over half-way through the first of the Ellie Chronicles (the sequel series to the Tomorrow series).

The slow progress is mostly due to the fact that the book opens with something so shocking that I just had to take a little break before I continued reading (yes, I get unnaturally attached to my book characters - and I'm even worse with tv!), and once I did pick it back up again I have much of the story is quite slow (I guess by comparison with all of the action in the earlier series, and the drama of the opening) - but where I am up to at the moment things are just starting to heat up again, so this month I'll keep on with reading these guys!

Once I'm finished though I'll be keen for some ideas on what to read next (maybe the girl with the dragon tattoo series?), so I'd love to hear any recommendations!


If you'd like to join in our bloggy book club for October, with a post about what you've been reading at the moment, or what you're planning to get into next, please add your link below so we can pop around to see what you're up to!

Enjoy your reading!!


  1. I become very attached to characters too, very Gary and Tony of me I know.
    The TWTWE books are everywhere in the book shops at the moment too.

  2. I also get very attached to characters, and having read The Ellie Chronicles I know EXACTLY what you mean!


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